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Trump & Co Have an Incredibly Bad Day

Context: Earlier this summer Trump's Mar-a-Lago estate was searched. In August, his lawyers filed in federal court saying some of the documents recovered by the government during the search involved materials that could be considered privileged under client/attorney status. Federal Judge Cannon appointed a special master in the case to review the documents. You can read more about why Judge Cannon's ruling was out of pocket, here
Judge Cannon also ruled the government could not review the documents recovered from the Trump search until the special master concluded their review. The Department of Justice appealed Judge Cannon's decision.
The Special Master that ended up being appointed by Judge Cannon was someone proposed by Trump's team who is a former FISA judge appointed by Ronald Reagan. The Special Master, the government, and team Trump all met on Tuesday and the special master made it pretty clear he's not here for Trump's bullshit:

Circuit court rules on the Department of Justice's appeal to Judge Cannon's decision:

Source: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8
Tags: donald trump, news / news anchors, politics

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It's really funny that after years of him complaining about the deep state they actually are after him lmao. He is course guilty, but if he was a Bush they'd excuse it.
Ok but um he declassified them in his head so
I thought about adding this to the post and then I was like no, I'm not wasting my time on this lol
(not a thing) is sending me
I feel like even Hannity was a little wtf on some of the things that he said.
sometimes i can't believe they actually let a person this crazy and delusional be president, jfc
Be scared that so many people would still vote for him. I cannot even with them


1 week ago


1 week ago

i can't believe how many people still worship him. there are people running in our local elections, and for our school boards that follow trump. it's really scary.
does he think he's professor x or something lmao
He literally is Michael Scott screaming "I declare bankruptcy".


1 week ago


1 week ago

Is his voice always this high? It seems higher than normal, which makes me happy if it’s because he’s scared shitless.
I’m forever baffled at his hair looking like someone went nuts with an irl blur tool
Did he just call the National Records Archive a "radical organization"???????????????????

When is this motherfucker gonna die already? (dear secret service I'm not gonna do it)


1 week ago

brb telekinetically cancelling student loan debt


1 week ago

what a fucking moron

This is the joker people elected to lead our country. Lol

LMAO at him trying to claim declassified like Michael Scott declaring bankruptcy. Just because you say the words out loud doesn't make it true.
If he declassified EEEEEEEEEEEVERYTHING I wanna read the UFO files just for giggles


1 week ago

I personally feel that if these cases are successful and they take him for millions that those of us who did not vote for him should get a lil checky check as I’d argue we’ve all suffered damages at this point.
ps your icon is so cute


1 week ago

Deleted comment


1 week ago

Depressingly, his base of support has a very high floor (I think his approval rating is still in the 30s).

But I am at least achieving some personal satisfaction from watching Trump's lies getting exposed.
racist whites and delusional POC are gonna blindly follow him


September 22 2022, 19:03:54 UTC 1 week ago Edited:  September 22 2022, 19:04:47 UTC

Yeah, it's like he said himself, he could shoot someone in Times Square and it wouldn't matter. It's a cult.


1 week ago


1 week ago

let's fucking goooo

i doubt this will wake many people up, but i (somehow) haven't lost (all) hope yet.
I don't think it will wake many people up either, but I will at least get to hopefully enjoy Trump having to pay hundreds of millions of dollars in fines and back taxes. And hopefully every single penny of that goes to programs to help immigrants and all other groups that Trump hates.
Right, I will take anything and I loooove the idea of him having to pay for things he hates. Seeing him be made to pay for anything at this point would be something.
We know it'll probably just go to the fucking military, lbr
i just like that it's on the news so heavily, so it's just eating him up like crazy
I don't know if Trump will go to prison, he seems like too big of a fish to fry, but it would make my whole fucking year to see Jr. hauled away and that's looking like a distinct possibility lol
i hope they both go tbh they can share a cell lol
finally can spend some quality time with daddy!
I, for one, won't be satisfied until Jared and Ivanka's children are in foster care

(no one say that's too far, it'll be a more loving environment for them).


1 week ago


1 week ago

it will just be an evolvement after sharing one brain cell among all the family.
Jr and Eric should share a cell.
If I has to pick a Trump kid to go to jail it would Ivanka because he would fucking lose his mind since she's the only one he cares about.


1 week ago

Will be fun to watch him lose his businesses/be barred from running companies in NY, though
I can't even get hype or excited because I don't want to set myself up for a letdown, tbh. I will believe that he'll be punished for his crimes when it actually happens, honestly. I hope it does
I bet if it happens its gonna be after so many delays. I think SCOTUS won't completely shutter the investigations because it'll look like they're even more in his pocket, but I won't be surprised if they help him try and delay things till post 2024 election, hope he wins and then let him self-pardon (which, like, what would be the point of even having a constitution at that point?)
yeah I’m def not hopeful and your scenarios seem more realistic given what weve been thru with trump these last several years
This is civil right? Can he pardon himself from a civil suit?


1 week ago

Love this for him!

Whoopi was manifesting him going to jail on The View today, I had a laugh.

Thanks for posting this, I am manifesting with her!
I love how this stupid asshole thinks everything works the way it does in his sleazy business world. Everything, EVERYTHING, is quid pro quo for him. I bet you he's the type of father who when a kid asks for a hug he goes "why should I give it to you, what have you done for me lately?"
Probably because he's never been held accountable for anything in his life and he's completely amoral. Not immoral, amoral. He just NEVER thinks along the lines of right or wrong, it just doesn't even occur to him that that matters. And never along the lines of legal or illegal. And why would he? He's been able to get away with everything for 76 years without accountability so he's not used to the concept of risk. Even in his business failings there was no risk. He could just abuse US bankruptcy laws and borrow more money next time.

Even now he's probably in denial about the very real possibility that he could die in an orange jumpsuit (please God make it happen) :D
The old white (I’m white so they feel comfortable as fuck being racist around me even though I almost got one fired for telling me to “vote Trump or go back to your country” during the first election) assholes at my work are standing by this botfly as if he’s their breadwinner. The hatred is so strong with some people.

So, I’m loving the chaos this is causing them. And the trump klan. Muahahah.
Sadly, the old white are not always old, the right-wing Christian wingnuts are often not old people. I almost got one of them fired because she stood in the aisle between cubes at work talking shit about Tr*mp going after gays and Muslims. She got in beeeeeeeeg trouble.
Sadly, I’m well aware of that. 😩 Just saw some 17yo lil bitch using his parents money to fund his business of selling Trump 2024 shirts.

But, the assholes at work really are 60+ yo and I’m enjoying watching them squirm. They know better than to talk politics, but it works for me, lol.


1 week ago

The special master ploy really blew up in their face.
It was just another delay tactic while they scramble... there is literally no defense nor have they claimed declassification in a court of law/legal document b/c they know its a lie.
Crooked Donald
i don't trust the criminal justice system anymore the entire adult family just needs to uhhhhh y'know
I don't wish death on the whole family because taking away their money would be much more painful. Moooahahaha
They can always d*e and/or be crushed into cubes AFTER all of their money, property and other assets are repossessed and liquidated
Things I can't get over are the fact that he valued Mar-a-Lago at $739 million when it's actually worth $75 million, NY apartments units collectively worth $750,000 he valued at nearly $50 million, and he valued his apartment for $327 million. I don't understand how he got away with this for so long.

And he actually said "You can declassify documents just by saying, 'It's declassified.' Or Even by thinking about it.”. I'm speechless.

How is any of this real?😶
I love how he lied about the square footage of his penthouse. Like buildings don't grow and blueprints and math exist. This man will lie, cheat and delude himself about absolutely anything and it's astounding.
Truly hope the rest of his life is a series of Bad Days

but as always, I will believe this shit hurts him when I see it.

This seems like an appropriate place for me to admit that I’ve never understood the music video for Fuel’s bad day. What does the note say?? Is he in court?? Therapy?? Is she dead??
More importantly, how’d she break a shoelace when she’s wearing heels?
Holy fuck, I dated someone who was obsessed with Fuel and this just reminded me.
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