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The New Yorker: 'Blonde' is 'The Passion of the Christ' for Marilyn Monroe

Ahead of its September 28 premiere on Netflix, The New Yorker has published a scathing review of of Andrew Dominik's Marilyn Monroe non-biopic Blonde by film critic Richard Brody, dubbing it The Passion of the Christ for the Hollywood icon and further confirming fans' worst fears about its content.

"The movie's emblematic moment shows [the character] looking at a photo of herself—of Marilyn Monroe—in a magazine and saying, 'She is pretty, but she isn't me.' Yet the film never gets close to suggesting who, indeed, the real person is."

"The movie is ridiculously vulgar—the story of Monroe as if it were channelled through Mel Gibson's The Passion of the Christ. The character endures an overwhelming series of relentless torments that, far from arousing fear and pity, reflect a special kind of directorial sadism."

"Marilyn gets an abortion; this is traumatic, as is a later miscarriage and another, vaguely suggested subsequent abortion. Through all of these episodes, the straining for poignancy and subjectivity is done crudely and callously. A view upward and out, from the point of view of Marilyn's vagina toward the abortionist, evokes Dominik's own violation and misuse of the character's body."

"Other such effects and gimmicks throughout the film trivialize its ostensible import and render its grim torment ridiculous. For instance, when [John F.] Kennedy comes in Marilyn's mouth, the TV in his room shows a clip of a rocket blasting off and shots (seemingly taken from Earth vs. the Flying Saucers) in which alien spacecraft explode against the Washington Monument and the Capitol."

"You've got to hand it to Dominik: he doesn't only outdo the ostensibly crass showmen of classic Hollywood in overt artistic ambition but also in cheap sentiment, brazen tastelessness, and sexual exploitation."

Blonde currently sits at a score of 53% on Rotten Tomatoes, based on 97 reviews.

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A view upward and out, from the point of view of Marilyn's vagina toward the abortionist,

For instance, when [John F.] Kennedy comes in Marilyn's mouth


the fuck
Absolutely not 😡
And this is going to be on Netflix? For anyone and their mother to stumble into watching?
So, trash?
Well, I won’t be watching.
Ah yes, just as classy and respectful as it sounded.
The more I hear about this movie, the worse it gets
I wish I could go to the universe where this movie doesn't exist so I could stop hearing about it


September 22 2022, 14:56:08 UTC 1 week ago Edited:  September 22 2022, 14:56:51 UTC

I was maybe going to give it a watch, but that abortion scene sounds gross af, and I am not quite sure exactly how graphic it is based on how its described so that gives me anxiety about it, so its going to be a no for me.

The JFK scene is just exploitation point blank. There has never been proof they had an affair. Like thats just doing that bc JFK was mentioned in her story and using it to be edgy.
I agree with you, like showing a "JFK and Marilyn" rape scene is pure exploitation and this film is gross as fuck, but JFK and Marilyn definitely had an affair IRL.
There has never been definitive proof they did. The proof that was out there was discovered to be a hoax. Maybe a one time thing but no proof an affair that lasted longer than that.


1 week ago


1 week ago

I would recommend the "Marilyn: Behind the Icon" podcast series. They get into a lot of lies that are easily disputed about her various relationships with men.


1 week ago

Everything about this movie keeps getting weirder and weirder. I had heard the r*** scene, which is horrific. But it feels like every single thing about this movie is so exploitative and weird. And it's not clearly being marketed as a fantasy/fiction movie - it's like they're presenting it as an actual based on a true story. Which is so disturbing

And all of the comments around Venice - acting like this is some great tribute to Marilyn?! what the FUCK
It's actually so disturbing.
Im disgusted by and judge all the main players involved in this sick project and anyone supporting it.

So sick of Hollywood glamorising and fetishising violence against women and especially sexual violence against women with no nuance or tact. Let alone by creating total fiction and applying to a real person? And having the main actress again and again say its real events (A LIE) and empowering~? The audacity.

What the actual fuck is wrong with her and the director????

I barely know anything about MM and I don't have any strong feelings for her in any way but this is a sick and twisted thing to do to anyone imo.
Every new thing I hear about this movie has me baffled. How did no one in the process say, “how about we don’t?” It all sounds so tasteless.

I also need Armas to stop saying shit like “we’re telling her truth.” This isn’t REAL, Ana
She lost me talking about marilyn haunting set and approving. Going to her grave for permission etc like girl leave that poor woman alone and let her RIP. She wouldnt want anything to do with this exploitative mess.
I do love those anecdotes, because it's not like you can say, "We went to her grave to ask permission and were immediately hounded by a hundred crows, so we took that as a no and still made the movie."


1 week ago

It sounds like she has to rationalise it in her head to not start seeing that the movie is a mistake. Even came up with some bs excuse for why she can’t just rest.

“If there’s a reason she’s still not resting, it’s that she’s been taken from so much.”

Like the reason is bc of a decade long obsession and people exploiting her story over and over again, not bc Marilyn’s soul is still here.


1 week ago


1 week ago


1 week ago


1 week ago

Right?! Like THIS is the movie that MM in the afterlife is like, yes, I will support this misogynistic fanfic of my life where I am nothing but a vessel unable to show anger while enduring trauma after trauma that some wyt lady made up one time and some director has been using to get off for 10 years. THIS IS THE ONE!
it's ana and a conference room full of men making idiotic sexist decisions to abuse marilyn even in her death.

hollywood fuckin sucks


September 22 2022, 15:02:29 UTC 1 week ago Edited:  September 22 2022, 15:02:42 UTC

yeah, i know some people are giving ana the benefit of the doubt by saying she might just be that stupid and believe this is a biopic, but i'm not sure i buy that. i think that every subtle measure is being taken to confuse the uninformed viewer and it's disgusting.
i fully believe her, the director, and the studio know that this is fiction. they are just playing the game/semantics by being like “this COULD’VE happened to marilyn, we just don’t know” since they are referencing actual moments of marilyn’s life (ana talked in one of the interviews posted here about how the director had a whole book full of photographs of marilyn that he wanted to recreate that was essentially the storyboard for this movie.) so pretty much this movie is iconic marilyn monroe moments that gets the audience to point and go “omg i remember that photo of her with the blue dress, oh i remember this photoshoot, oh i remember this scene from one of her movies!” mixed with just a bunch of made up, disgusting, exploitative stuff to get the “story” moving from one recreated image to another.
can hollywood collectively leave marilyn monroe alone
nah, this ain't right. That director isn't right. Someone should look into him tbh
I was that Winnie the Pooh astral projecting gif when I read Marilyn has a CG fetus that guilt trips her
w h a t
Andrew Dominic and Joyce Carol Oates are equally sadistic tbh
cannot believe that in the year of our lord 2022, ally mcbeal is a feminist primer text compared to this shit lmfaooo
I thought it was a joke and I'm gonna choose to keep thinking that bc what the actual fuck
Once again, I must ask: All this for a Joyce Carol Oates novel?
I'm starting to think that Hollywood actually hates Marilyn. They deify her and disrespect her at the same time. The abortion scene... WTF. HARD PASS.
Also can we stop demonizing abortion. The pro-choice narrative is never centered around the decision being easy and procedural. Women always need to feel haunted by their actions.
Randomly, the woman from the AT&T commercials (she's also an actress) wrote a good piece on her abortion and how it was totally the right choice that she's never regretted even a little.


1 week ago

It's bc Hollywood (and the world) hates women in general - ESPECIALLY women they find attractive who have intellect/know-how

Men love to punish women they wanna fuck. Misogyny in a nutshell, tale as old as time, etc
They hate her but they also love that she was ~broken and tragic~ as is the case with the majority of women who have passed on. You can literally look at almost any woman celebrity who has died and there will be stories about their ~tragic and scandalous~ life. Its so gross. Thats all women are to people.
So many people she worked with wanted her to stay the dumb, sexualized blonde for her entire career, and the min she pushed back and tried to grow as a creative she was villainized by a lot of folks who used her image after her death to fill their pockets.
This sounds worse than I imagined. Absolute trash and exploitative.

It’s hilarious though that this is the movie Ana chose to be totaly ott over and it’s getting so much criticism.
Mte; it reminds me of how Faye Dunaway apparently destroyed her vocal chords filming the hanger scene in Mommie Dearest and had to see a specialist so she could be able to talk again. It's like, really girl? For this?

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