Olivia Wilde promotes 'Dont Worry Darling' on Kelly Clarkson Show plus box office projections

Olivia Wilde was on The Kelly Clarkson Show and they discussed being single moms in the spotlight and Don't Worry Darling.

- On being a single mom: "Reshaping a family is tricky. The one benefit is it has allowed for some deep conversations with my kids: about emotions and about happiness amd about what family means and love. It's actually allowed me to get to know them in a different way...its tricky because we're not doing it in private."

Wilde and Clarkson talk about having relationships split in public and trying to protect your kids. Wilde says she tried to protect the narrative for the sake of her kids but had to give up correcting every little thing and focus more on them.

- Clarkson compliments her on the chemistry of the ensemble, Wilde responded, "We were in the middle of a pandemic, in a bubble, never saw anyone's mouth, and it really was amazing because everyone bonded. We knew we were so lucky to be making art during a difficult time for everybody and we knew we had each other's backs."

- Praises Florence Pugh again and says how lucky they were to have her.

- How she keeps her composure when so much of her private life is made public: "my stuff is out there but I'm alive and my kids are alive and that's what gets me thru every single day." Wilde adds she doesn't try to control the narrative and isn't on Instagram. She says she's trying to be a model for her kids on how to deal with bullies.

Kelly says she will send what she *really* wants to say to a friend to make herself feel better. "You know when people are like 'Will this really make you feel good?'" Kelly says. "I'm like 'Damn right.Yes it will. It will make me feel amazing.'"

- Kelly asks if she thinks there's a double standard with how she's being treated vs male colleagues who do the same. Olivia says yes but so many other women in other industries face the same problem. "Sometimes when it hurts me is when it's coming from other women. Can't we give each other the benefit of the doubt?"

There's a really cute interaction when Kelly asks her about directing musicians on set:

- While Warner Brothers is projecting a conservative $17 million opening, ticket sales could see box office weekend anywhere between $20-24 million. From The Hollwood Reporter: "Hollywood insiders aren’t convinced that the general moviegoing public cares about the off-screen drama. If anything, the publicity may have increased awareness."

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