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I’ll be your favorite worst mistake.

Love is Dead: Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson Break Up After 9 Months of Dating

The romance between KETE is over.

The couple, who were first romantically linked in October 2021, ended their relationship this week, a source told PEOPLE.

Kim and Pete decided to just be friends, sources close to the couple exclusively told E! News.

The inside sources added that while the pair have "a lot of love and respect for each other," they found that the long distance and their demanding schedules "made it really difficult to maintain a relationship."

Sources: 1 | 2
Tags: breakup, kardashian / jenner, pete davidson, true love / love is dead

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can you leave something that was never real?

jennifer… ben… we’re asking you as well 😌
Nah. Bennifer is very real, at least for JLo. Google the Georgia pics if you have any doubts.
Kim, there’s people dying
The ring was found, though!
lasted longer than some (of her!) marriages

i will miss wtfing at their bizarre coupling
The most shocking thing about all this is it was only 9 months.

I swear it's been well over a year at least. COVID has destroyed my concept of time.
Same 😫
Same. :(
Does this mean Kim is back with Kanye
Worse things have happened.
why would it mean that?
Sources are saying their divorce is still well underway, so no.
i know we shit on kim a lot (and mostly for good reason), but i'm going to put my serious pants on and say i genuinely hope she never goes back to him.
They’ve been together for a whole pregnancy? When did that happen?

So will Pete cover up his branding somehow and get the tats removed?
ah well, who could've seen this coming? surely when he got her name branded on him (because tattoos aren't permanent enough), they were going to last forever

i'm sick of looking at them.
I mean, sadly I think we're all going to still have to cop an eyeful of the both of them separately -_-
They look really gross together, and it's because she looks like his mom
Where is the Kit Harrington Oh No gif when you need it?
you're welcome

I feel like he might be fun for a few months, but then becomes annoying and tiresome.
the branding would have ended any fun for me. Like I'm out.
The first tattoo would have left him on read tbh
Yeah, he's never made it past the infatuation phase with any of the people he's dated recently. I think Cazzie David was his longest relationship.
this is the case with men more often than not
That's pretty much how I read him and how he was bouncing from famous woman to famous woman. Around for a good time, not a long time.
Agree. I bet he love bombs them and makes women feel super special at first, but eventually he loses interest while the girlfriends grow tired of his one-note humor.

Or maybe i'm being too harsh, but that's my impression.
and what is she bringing to the table?

enough plastic to cover the globe
they lasted way longer than anyone would have expected them to.

didn't he do a tattoo inspired by her kids? 😬
He doesn't really seem to be too selective about the tattoos he gets. He has one of Hillary Clinton's face.
He’ll cover it like he did his Cazzie and Ariana ones lmao
What was his Cazzie one?


2 days ago

His tattoos might as well been written in pen. They don’t have any long term significance to him.


2 days ago

My girl's a lawyer ^_^


2 days ago

If they can't make it, how can any of us expect to find love?
Bodies Bodies Bodies promo
v gracious of kim to choose this timing for him
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