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For All Mankind 3x09 Discussion post

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I just got back from Thor 4 (bad film) and have the ep downloading. See you in the comments when I'm done!
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Ellen bby, I'm so proud of you!
Her speech and then Will's reaction had me in tears.
I've just started binging this show and I have no clue if this is a popular or unpopular opinion, but Ed is really fucking annoying? He is extremely arrogant and the show portrays him as someone who is like the best of the best and really capable but all they ever do is show him yelling and bitching about things?
Definitely a popular opinion!
Cried my eyes out at Ellen's speech and Will's reaction to the Medal of freedom news omg what a moment
Not looking @ comments yet but Jodi Balfour and Abbi Jacobson are engaged
They're so cute together!
btw someone on reddit said the season 3 finale is 80+minutes long.
the placeholder on Apple TV says 1 hr 22 mins
Thirded on crying during Ellen's speech. Pam's face! Will's face! 😭

Poor dead Nick. :/ And good for Aleida telling the FBI to fuck off, although part of me thinks Margo deserves jail for calling her "Aleeda" all these years.
That ending is wild! This show knows cliffhangers.

Ngl, this show has gotten really soapy and kinda dumb over the past season, which is a bummer. But I absolutely did cry @ Ellen coming out + am glad they went that route, I was so tired of seeing her compromise her integrity over and over again.

Fuck Danny Stevens!! He better do something good next ep... admit culpability for his crimes, sacrifice himself to get back to the Phoenix, launch himself out of the airlock, I am down for whatever!!

I legit feel terrible for Aleida.

Seven months into Kelly's pregnancy and it's only now that someone suggested a Soviet spacesuit with its flexible material for her? *Disapproving tongue click.* I would have expected more NASA-Roscosmos cooperation over Kelly, or at least a productive rivalry on who can keep her safer.

The last few seconds had me howling with laughter. A number of people joked about the possibility in the past, but no one thought it would actually happen!
lmao I said the same thing about the suit!! like wtf people? your crack team of experts didn't think about using a different suit???


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i think its so funny the larry actor plays another larry in Paper Girls. i was confused for a sec.