I’ll be your favorite worst mistake. (stewie_e) wrote in ohnotheydidnt,
I’ll be your favorite worst mistake.

Will Poulter and Model Bobby T Confirm Romance with Some PDA

Tags: british celebrities, candids, models, slow news day

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the marvel promo starts early
Because of the name I thought Bobby was a gonna be a guy before the pics loaded lol.

These pics are very real and natural.
Same I got excited for nothing
same LOL
same, ngl i got a bit disappointed lol
same lol
Bobby Trendy is who I was expecting tbh
Sksksksksksksksk. That's a name I haven't read in awhile!
lmfao me too
Not me being like ohhhh a homosexual! And then this

She’s gorgeous well done
Same 😅
Her curls 😭 Bobby, please me routine and all the tips! Hopefully one day mine will look that good!

He has the most interesting looking face. I think he's attractive, but in a weird way. His eyebrows are amazing tho.
Ha. Thought it was a some random dude model and I’m like wow. good for you bro, get it. lol. Still yeah!
I legit forgot he got cast in a Marvel movie lmao…. I mean good for him ig get that Disney money. Marvel keeps adding these actors I like.

Anyways! I’ve had a soft spot for him since Narnia tbh. I was kind of salty when he backed out of LOTR series cuz I believe he was set to play Elrond.
Nnnnnnn hed have been so good
Why did he back out he’d be so good
Right! I've heard that Robert Aramayo is a good actor and I'm willing to give him a chance but I will FOREVER mourn what could have been Poulter as Elrond.
How are these pictures so bad lmao, if I didn’t know he was straight I’d think this was Marvel pushing him into the closet
They're both looking quite nineties aerobics.
They look like they're playing the antagonists in the Barbie movie.
I…very much want this now.
It's giving footloose for some reason


August 5 2022, 19:39:33 UTC 3 days ago Edited:  August 5 2022, 22:08:10 UTC

His face looks like it didn't quite finish cooking.
good for y'all! i couldn't kiss him. he's always going to be eustace from narnia: voyage of the dawntreader for me.
I was just about to say this exact comment lmao! Like I'm sorry to this man but all I see when I look at him is Eustace
She's hot. How is he famous with that face? It looks like a bad ken doll drawing.
The holy trinity. Rich. Posh. Connected.
I mean, he’s a good actor

He also was like the B character in a number of big movies so that’s the way to sneak into fame. And being generally nice. Kind of the way it should work.
not all of us in here thinking he would be being who he is for his pride, don't hide only to realize bobby is a lady LOL! I love us
I'm so disappointed. The picture was slow to load and I thought Bobby was a dude.
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