hewontgo (hewontgo) wrote in ohnotheydidnt,

Doja Cat explains why she has shaved her head

“I don’t like having hair… I don’t wear my hair out… What is the use of having hair if you’re not gonna fucking wear it out?”

Tags: celebrity head shaving / hair, doja cat

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I cut all my hair off cuz I was wearing wigs anyhow. But in the end I haven’t worn a wig fr fr since shaving my head 3 months ago. 💀💀
Oh thank god, I was dying to know
I'm considering shaving my head again. I did it 2 years ago and it was incredibly freeing.

That my entire hair routine from washing to drying to styling took literally 30 seconds was amazing.

I've started to see a lot more women with shaved heads lately.
tbh it makes me happy to see more woman doing it. it's really freeing and it's a cute look imho.
I did mine.... three? four? years ago (what. is. time) and I'm constantly wanting to do it again and then constantly not because my hair didn't grow quick enough to keep my ears warm in the winter
I shaved my head when I was 19 or so. Had a real Tank Girl summer. No regrets, it was awesome.
everyone should do this imho! I kept my buzzcut for 2 years or so but I still miss it sometimes.
Tbh it seems like she struggles a lot (clearly has complicated feelings about it) with having 4c hair so I’m not surprised she opted to shave it off.
Yeah…I didn’t want to assume as much because this is the first time I’ve heard her speak about her natural hair, but yeah.
Definitely not the first time she’s talked about her natural hair.

She previously complained about how unfair it was that she was biracial and got stuck with type 4 hair 🙃

This girl is a mess and idk how she has fans.


3 days ago


August 5 2022, 13:44:49 UTC 3 days ago Edited:  August 5 2022, 13:45:37 UTC

I’m gonna keep my mouth shut 🤐 on what I really want to say. lol … But I wonder what her “natural hair” looks like

As someone with naturally thick and curly hair I get the struggle. I go through periods where I just wish I was bald because I hate detangling my hair and it gets so easier dry and matted and it just annoying the hell out of me. But then there are times where I truly love and appreciate it
I shaved my head a year before Covid. It was wonderful the first three months and looked really good on me, but then I decided I missed having hair and decided to grow it back out. Fam... it was a fucking nightmare. Like once it got past maybe a centimeter I could barely stand looking in the mirror long enough to brush it. I honestly didn't feel like myself again until it finally got long enough to braid extensions in, but it didn't really "take" for at least another year after that.

I get it tho. Having hair is a pain in the ass. If I ever shave my head again, I'll just commit to keeping it real short because fuck everything about that awkward growing it out stage.
My biggest issue was that with super short hair, I suddenly saw the family resemblance between me and my brother. For a while I saw his face when I looked in the mirror.
this is why I can never cut my hair short. we have the SAME FACE. whenever we've used any of those gender swap snapchat filters or w/e even our parents are legit confused about who they're looking at in the pictures lol
People say I look like my Dad (I'm a woman), although I don't think so. But the thought of seeing him in the mirror if I had really short hair is kind of scary.


3 days ago

when i shaved my head last time, 2 days after my 18 year old son did, we realized we were nearly identical. He'd just taken a part-time at my job, and people pointed it out daily. idk who was more annoyed tbh. probably him lol
that's the only thing keeping me from shaving tbh, that period between a good cut and where it just either sticks out awkwardly or grows into a mullet for what feels like forever until its long enough to pin down or put in a ponytail. although if i wore wigs it'd probably be a non-issue tbh i just am to fidgety for that
I didn’t mind the growing out stage. It was a funny time and I took more care of it than I do now…

I think I need to go pixie short again.
every growing stage between shaved and chin length is fucking awful. beanies were my best friend for sure. but i do have some really funny photos where i did my hair like pauly d from jersey and some 2000s emo hair with the crazy side swept bangs. gotta find the humor when you can, lol.
Yea, the issue is not shaving hair off, it's when it awkwardly grows back.
Good luck to her. I regretted shaving my hair earlier this year because the past 5 months have been agonizing as my hair looks AWKWARD as fuck!
that's exactly why I shaved my head. I didn't want my hair. having the realization that I could just get rid of it was a galaxy-brain moment.

it's taken me two years to grow it out to a bob. I'm so torn about wanting to go back but it truly broke my mom's heart (lol idgi) so I don't think I will for a while.
the first time i said i was gonna shave my head, my mother said i'd ruin my dad's business (???) she was so upset lol and then after i did it, she was like woww!! and sent photos to all our relatives
whats the business?!? what


2 days ago


2 days ago

That's cool, I love it when women choose not to have hair, our self-esteem is often so entangled with it. I spend so much time and money on hair care and hair products that having shaved head would for sure change my life
Jealous of all the people that shave their head.

Knowing how many moles are on my scalp, and how big they are by touch, I'm so afraid to actually see them-- it just would not be a good look.
I say this with upmost concern: you should get those checked out.

Nicholas Tse, a pretty big Hong Kong actor, had a mole on his head that he didn't know about until his hair stylist told him to get a diagnosis just in case. Luckily he took the advice because it turns out it was cancerous and luckily only in its very first stage. They caught it quickly enough that the treatment was quick and thorough with practically no side effects.
for the people who shave their hair like this: what is the upkeep like? do you buzz it regularly at home? i had an undercut for a couple of years and growing it out sucked. it constantly made my neck and ears itch.
I would buzz it every couple of days over the sink. just whenever it felt like there was too much fuzz. it was really fun to run my hands over but I could tell by touch when it needed a trim. I'd do it before showering so I could rinse off any little hairs.
thank you! what was the growing-out process like?


3 days ago

I got a hair clipper and buzz it myself every 40 days or so. Takes me about 20 minutes including bathroom cleanup.


3 days ago


3 days ago


3 days ago

I buzzed it really, really short, like to the scalp, then when it started to grow out, I'd just use the electric clippers on the sides. Super easy to do myself.


3 days ago

I shave mine at home, but all the way down because I suck at using clippers. It's not itchy for me. But I do have random ass uneven hairs and my back grows out much faster so I end up with a mullet and have to shave again out of embarrassment of the mullet. But that might just be me and my shitty ass fine hair.


3 days ago

i would just get those super cheap $8 haircuts since all of a sudden going to get a haircut no longer required me to get washed and blowdried. i live in a family of like 90% women w/ long hair so none of us know how to cut mens hair or own trimmers
i'd cut it about every six weeks or so at home using a beard trimmer or clippers. my hair grows fast, though.
What does „wearing your hair out“ mean?

I assumed she wears wigs and no one sees her real hair?
It means that she likely kept her natural hair in a protective style and/or under a wig.
I used to shave my head really low because the annoying white kids kept touching my hair. Since the pandemic began and I didn't go to a barber for several months, I let my hair grow and now I don't look back. It's more maintenance but I think it's better for me than the buzzcut I had.
I wish my city normalized wigs lmao women would never shave their heads here because of how society is lol
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