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Anne Hathaway covers Interview


-Anne Hathaway is asked 20 questions by friends for Interview magazine.

-Hathaway tells John Waters why she has never shoplifted.

JOHN WATERS: Have you ever shoplifted and if not, why? And if so, what did you get?

HATHAWAY: I have never shoplifted, which I feel makes John Waters just turn away from me instantly in boredom. And the reason is when I was on a field trip, a kid in my class shoplifted and I didn’t rat him out, but I did say to my dad, “I saw something. I just wanted to know what you think of it.” My dad, in addition to being a great guy, really, really smart, and someone whose take on things I really trust, said, “With shoplifting the only person you hurt is the person who’s on the lowest rung of the ladder, because they’re the one who has to square the numbers at the end of the day and if they don’t add up, it’s on their head.” I didn’t like that.



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Why is she wearing a back brace?


former kid with a back brace who has questions on why back braces are now trendy
Are you talking about the cover photo? I don't think it's a back brace, I think it's fencing gear??
yeah the first pic. I love that an Anne stan downvoted me. Or downvoted me being a kid who wore a back brace???



It's Dior taking football or hockey pads and making them fashion. They did a collab with a company that makes protective gear, like skier airbags.


1 day ago

looks like football pads, but make it fashion


1 day ago

Sis is in her "Rachael Ray does FHM" era
I also had to wear a back brace as a teen so I 100% understand where you're coming from, I had a similar thought...
“With shoplifting the only person you hurt is the person who’s on the lowest rung of the ladder"

Yeah I always wanna encourage shoplifting cuz like stick it to the man and fuck these corporations!! But I've worked too many retail places where the shoplifting wasn't hurting the company, because they were just making up the profit by cutting our hours. One place cut them so much because of "loss" that even though I was still classed as full-time I lost my health insurance for a month.

I do highly encourage and endorse stealing office supplies from shitty corporate jobs though. The highlighters I stole from the terrible job I had were the emotional damages I earned.
yeah, I do feel similarly. I was both a regular retail associate and then became supervisor within my 4.5 yrs of retail, and this is very true. I worked in one of the quickest, fastest stores of my district, and shoplifting was a frequent occurrence that the DM spent so much time at our store, harassing the associates that the turnover was just absolutely ridiculous bc they were being bullied by upper management/corporate. even when I stepped in to take the lashing ("you should have done more to prevent theft!" like what? tackle shoplifters? nah mate) for the lower associates, it was absolutely brutal to go home every day. people didn't just lose hours, but they lost "bonuses" (but the CEO and corporate were doing fine, and the store manager got a fat bonus every time productivity was over a certain %) and were literally being scolded for not remember arbitrary numbers like inventory loss, shrinkage from one inventory to the next, the top % of loss in certain departments, etc.

so glad I left but honestly, yeah, shoplifting does hurt smaller retailer workers than anything else.
Oh my god the BERATING we would get if the manager lost their bonus, but also in the handbook we weren't allowed to engage with shoplifters we were just supposed to follow them around and give them bad vibes??? Maybe I would have been more incentivized if there was a bonus for ME and not just the person above me.
Yeah I think the only place I worked at where they didn’t punish employees was the toy store but they also were a lot more lawless lmao. Like my asst manager once tracked a girl down during her lunch at a burger joint and demanded the items back (and got them).


June 23 2022, 03:36:35 UTC 2 days ago Edited:  June 23 2022, 03:39:17 UTC

Yeah anytime there’s riots, there is some stealing that happens and every time people will a million to justify but the entire time I’m like okay but who’s really getting effected? The lowly retail workers or the big rich CEO’s?

I even remember the head of target being super chill after a target that looted. And I’m like “heck yeah you’re calm, this is not even a dent in your wallet lol”.

ETA: I only tend to feel lenient when it’s food related and people are hungry. Like the NYPD rounding all the people that stole diapers and other baby stuff…lol come on that’s not exactly a luxury item or TV!! That really clearly desperation.


2 days ago


2 days ago


1 day ago

I was a asst. manager at a retail store and my store manager was obsessed with people stealing and it took me awhile to realize it was bc bad shrinkage cut into her bonus. I stopped caring after that bc I didn’t get a bonus so idgaf about her. It made shifts a lot more stress free for me lol
I do highly encourage and endorse stealing office supplies from shitty corporate jobs though.

No need to tell me twice lol My job isn't shitty though, but they are forcing us to come 3x a week for a job I could easily do from home so I haven't bought toilet paper in months now.
yeah when I worked retail, shoplifters were an absolute pain in the ass. not even because of like punitive company policies - shrinkage was way secondary to the way they blamed us for not being used car salesman out on the floor shilling furniture for them - but it just made keeping track of inventory and keeping the store organized so much harder. also often the shoplifters were super disruptive in other ways, like just trashing the place or verbally harassing the staff as a distraction
i want her to choke me out with the jump rope and make me buy her expensive things.
i support you
Honestly, now that you’ve put it into the universe… I want that for you. I want that for all of us.
she looks hot
I think she’s pretty and photographs well but all her spreads always try to give an edge she just doesn’t have.

Simple pretty shoots would suit her better.
MTE I like her so much but this looks like a parody of a young up and comer. Actual haute couture and legit fashion and styling look wonderful on her.

If she’s having fun that’s all that matters I guess.
Yeah I’ve seen random photos of her arriving at celebs events in pretty outfits and I’m like “that’s your actual photo style”.
She looks best in the photo with the red polo shirt. She just isn't edgy and it doesn't suit her. She's beautiful tho.
Yah her skinny lil noodle arms don't look comfortable holding those weights..trying to figure out how many pounds they are. I guess they probably had to do a million reps for the shoot so they're like. 10/15lbs? Gonna go watch again and try to see #thingsiwastetimeon


1 day ago


1 day ago

Also, white delicate bikini top/bra with weights.. Seems like the cliché thing magazines do showing that women can be ~feminine AND strong~

'Florals for spring? Groundbreaking'

For the record! love Annie always have always will.


1 day ago


1 day ago


1 day ago

god damn she has been looking fucking great lately and i can’t stand her
She's a goddess
i think i remember tumblr encouraging people to shoplift from huge corporate brands lol
i used to steal those black and colored jelly bracelets from hot topic as a teen.
They steal fan art from people online to slap on their cheap shirts so it works out.
she repeatedly looks fantastic to me, but I have always really loved the smoky/darker eye look on her. idk how else to phrase it?
she does wear a smoky eye well. I love whatever barely there lip she has on in that fashion football pads pic, too.
meanwhile i think the eye make-up here is atrocious lol, it's making her eyes look like they're melting off her face

she's had a much better smokey eye look before!!


June 23 2022, 03:55:48 UTC 2 days ago Edited:  June 23 2022, 03:56:45 UTC

She's had some great work done, she looks genuinely fantastic. I'll always stan ha!

Like injectables or something else ? Teach me!
some of these shots are not it but damn, she looks great
nah, remember: if you saw someone shoplift, no you didn't.

Omg I remember when I worked at f21, some lady came in with a floor length trench coat in the middle of summer. I saw her stuffing something in her coat and I just looked at her mouthed “girl” and laughed lmao. She ran away. But lmao could you be any more obvious? Lmaooo
I don’t get what they were trying to do with the styling
wtf is that skipping photo
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