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‘Lilo & Stitch’ Director @ ‘Frozen’: We Did Sisterhood Over Romance First

Today in "The girls are fighting." news,

“To be clear, I think ‘Frozen’s’ great,” Sanders recently told The New York Times while celebrating “Lilo & Stitch’s” 20th anniversary. “But it was a little bit frustrating for me because people were like, ‘Finally, a nonromantic relationship with these two girls,’ and I thought, ‘We did that! That has absolutely been done before.’” He mentions that the critics praised 'Lilo' for that exact point.

'Lilo and Stitch' predates Frozen by 11 years, the latter will be 10 (oh god) next year.


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Lilo and Stitch
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lilo & stitch >>>>>

also, this was my multiverse of madness:

One Saturday Morning was peak!
i used to wake up every saturday morning to watch pepperann.


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Team Lilo & Stitch


(I watched it when it was on some streaming service a few years back cuz I thought I'd put on some light, fun background noise and my bf came home to me sitting on the floor sobbing because family means no one is left behind!!)
rewatched with my cousin and my mom as an adult and my cousin was laughing at me over how hard I was crying at the end.
flawless movie!!
That also made my husband cry. It's my favorite because Lilo is a little weirdo just like me, and I love Pleakley in drag.
I watched it when it was on some streaming service a few years back cuz I thought I'd put on some light, fun background noise....

It is a sad movie.
lilo & stitch is the only disney movie my bf likes
This scene absolutely DESTROYED me:
The lilo and stitch series was cute.

Frozen got more attention cause the girls are white and part of the Disney princess line.

Lilo & Stitch was def on the maturer end in comparison.
"Frozen got more attention cause the girls are white and part of the Disney princess line."

no. it got more attention because of its soundtrack.
Hawaiian Rollercoaster Ride is better than anything Frozen has and will do.


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2 days ago

Yes but also people liked the 2 sisters too. Did you miss all Elsa-inspired costumes and hairstyles?
the appearance of the characters is definitely a factor in Frozen's popularity over Lilo and Stitch. Anna is arguable the protagonist of Frozen, but Elsa is far more popular than here because it seems like little girls go nuts over Elsa because she is pale, blonde, and blue eyed.


1 day ago

Yea... none of us have seen a romantic relationship between two girls in these movies.
Litrally never watch l&s but i still voted for it lol

It's what solidified veronica mars (idr her name) as A list iirc
Maybe it’s because the relationship between Nani and Lilo was more like a mother-daughter one with Nani being her legal guardian.


June 23 2022, 04:02:20 UTC 2 days ago Edited:  June 23 2022, 04:28:21 UTC

it was way more teenage sister in over her head with responsibilities rather than a mother-daughter relationship. their fight after Agent Bubbles' first visit is so stupid and loud it could only have been a fight between sisters.

part of their struggle was how Nani can make Lilo understand that she has a new role as her legal guardian and she can't pull mess-with-your-sister shit when she could be taken away. Lilo still saw her as someone to yell at and not listen to. obviously Lilo knew her parents died but she was behaving like it was one long "keep an eye on your sister, we'll be right back." maybe it's because I'm used to having been the older sister watching the younger one but it never read as a parental relationship to me. it was very much two girls who don't have parents anymore and don't have anything left to anchor to except each other.
lilo & stitch, the emperor's new groove and hercules are the ultimate disney trifecta.
i love all of those!
Replace Hercules with A Goofy Movie and you are correct.
no we can just make it a square!!!
Taste! Those are my favs
You'll be getting an end of year bonus.
Honorable mention for Mulan.
replace hercules w atlantis for me, otherwise perfect selection
this flawless triple feature


June 23 2022, 02:31:40 UTC 2 days ago Edited:  June 23 2022, 02:32:09 UTC

k now gimme a disney movie with a romantic relationship...between two girls*. pls and thx

*women lmao
I found the music in Frozen *so* disappointing. It really soured my opinion. Any time an adult tells me how much they love Frozen, I side-eye them.
knowing nothing about her theater career, i found idina menzel's voice to be incredibly grating, like, "let it go" is just not pleasant to listen to
It's not written for her register. Maybe it was for her register 10 years prior but not in 2013. Show Yourself and Into The Unknown are much easier to listen to.
Same. I hate that theater voice during her music. Hate it!
Omg I thought it was just me. After all this time. 🥲
I remember when I saw the movie Rent for the first time I was so taken aback by her voice. It was like nails on a chalkboard to me.
It's the belting, I do not like belting, I feel like I'm being screamed at
Frozen, Frozen 2 and Moana were all musically disappointing to me


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1 day ago

the thing that annoys me about frozen's music is the pacing of it, they cram a ton of songs all in a row like 5 minutes apart and then suddenly the last 30-45 has NO songs lmao
Lilo and Stitch is one of my all time faves, but I'm generally anti-Frozen because of how terribly written it was (imo) and how I think it gets the noise Princess and the Frog or Moana deserve more
tbh PATF, Frozen, and Brave were all just awful. Moana (who is at least getting a show), Tangled >>>
Aww Tiana and Dr Facilier (how is he not in Kingdom Hearts???) are sentimental faves for me, but hard agreed otherwise. Brave was un-rewatchable. We stan Moana!!!


2 days ago

PATF is awful??? not with that music and animation!


1 day ago

no beignets for you!!
I agree. Although I didn’t care for Moana and Tangled. But I can agree Tangled is superior of them.
Brave and Tangled were definitely a 'no' from me.
Don't forget Tangled! Came out the same year with (imo) a far superior storyline about romantic love
Lilo and Stitch was far, far, far superior in this regard.
And in its animation. And character design.
You know what--all of it.

I'm still forever mad about Frozen because I love the Snow Queen story and we got...not that. The bones for a fairly progressive (Disney progressive, that is) story were already there for them too! Not only does the girl save the boy, but it could have also been about platonic love and friendship between a boy and a girl which we don't see very often in media.
The sisters being thick and having little bellies was a big deal for little chubby me tbh.
Fuck the monarchy!
lilo&stitch gave me lots of autistic vibes, plus it was nice to see an older sib care for a younger sib, something i didnt have.
I saw Lilo & Stitch in theatres and me and my cousin were the only ones there. It’s always been underrated but it’s legit one of my favorite Disney movies. It’s pm it and the Lion King for me.
I love Lilo and Stitch more than I could ever love Frozen, but... I don't think it's quite the same.

The extreme age difference between Nani and Lilo creates an intensely different dynamic than Elsa and Anna have, even with Elsa giving Anna the extended cold shoulder (pun not intended).
that's what i was going to say, nani and lilo have a parent/child relationship. anna and elsa are contemporaries. it's very different.
Exactly. My sister and I are only 3 years apart so the dynamic in Frozen just hits a little different. Especially since that little bit of age gap was enough for us to be close as kids, distant as tweens and teens, and close again in early adulthood.
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