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Hailey Bieber’s New Skin Care Brand, Rhode, Sued for Trademark Infringement

Hailey Bieber is being sued by the founders of their 9-year-old fashion company RHODE, saying her brand is causing confusion with customers and hurting their brand.

They say Hailey told them her brand Rhode would be a lifestyle brand, but that she isn't sticking to her word by launching a skin care line and telling fans on Instagram that she'd like to launch clothing someday.

"Unfortunately, that Hailey is currently focusing on skin care while we focus on fashion has not been preventing brand confusion, and it won't in the future," said Vickers and Khatau. "We're both part of a larger beauty market in which fashion and cosmetics closely overlap and often collaborate."

"Hailey has stated that she wants to pursue a clothing line, and she even applied for 'rhode' as a trademark for clothing," they added. "We welcome competition – we just don't want competitors using our name."

The co-founders said Hailey attempted to buy the rights to the name from them four years ago, but they declined.

Rhode is Hailey's middle name.

Tags: beauty / makeup, legal / lawsuit

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Change it Hailey, it's not like you have brand recognition.
Just wait until Rhode Island gets involved
Then rhodesian ridgebacks will unionize and get involved somehow
my dog is contacting her lawyers as we speak
get Jorts the Cat on this unionization effort!
the colossus of rhodes has entered the chat.


June 22 2022, 23:08:08 UTC 2 days ago Edited:  June 22 2022, 23:10:21 UTC

em-bar-rassed bc i thought this was a Love Island reference and just googled Rhode Island 🫠🫥
When the Rhodes Scholars get into it, we'll see some serous shit.
War Machine will be suiting up.
they're still recovering from curt schilling. they can't let this one go.

Luv this for ha!

😂🤣😂 × ∞
"The co-founders said Hailey attempted to buy the rights to the name from them four years ago, but they declined."

That's shady as hell. How hard is it to pick a new name? I hope they prevail.
she is so dumb to think she would get away with it...like how could she now claim to have 'no idea' if she came for them years ago?!
It's dumb but expected for her, but you'd think she'd have good enough lawyers to tell her not to do this.
I bet they were betting on this happening

Free promo for everyone involved


2 days ago


1 day ago


1 day ago

She's following the Kardashian playbook.
She's pretending some sort of ownership because it is her middle name? Moronic. It didn't work for Kylie Jenner and it won't work for you. Just because you are a rich white girl you think the rules don't apply and you can bury a company. It's just a bonus it is minority owned.

I swear to god.
lbr for her it probably is *incredibly* hard to come up with something original
and the only thing these girlies do with these brands is pick a name and they ALWAYS get it wrong!!
Speaking of celebrity beauty brands being sued for copyright infringement, I was looking up rare beauty yesterday, and the company suing Selena’s came up first on the search results

oh yikes @ selena, especially since they're both in the beauty industry and selling the same things. not a lawyer, but at least these two rhodes are in different industries, so maybe hailey wasn't concerned about the legality?
Selena applied and received the trademark first. They have proof the brand was being worked on in 2016.

She’s being sued because the other Rare Beauty thinks it should hold its name because they sold a product first (2017) since Selena’s didn’t come out til 2020.


2 days ago


2 days ago

She stole the name too?? so celebs don’t care bc they know they have the money to just get rid of these lawsuits easily I guess?


2 days ago


2 days ago


June 22 2022, 23:03:38 UTC 2 days ago Edited:  June 22 2022, 23:04:13 UTC

When will hailey’s Selena cosplay end? It’s going to destroy her and everything she’s worked so hard for.


1 day ago

Wow, I was surprised seeing a cheap looking site that looks like it is part of Selena's Rare Beauty. This seems dirty of her brand. The logo is pretty similar to me too.
Ngl, I wonder if people who bought from as of recently got confused and thought they were buying from Selena's brand instead
Is this a legit business? They don't list any social media or an email contact and the products all just seem to be repackaged with only one exception that I've seen.
tbf those are some ugly fucking products lmao
Who the fuck is excited about Hailey Bieber launching a skincare line? LOL. 😂🤣 The lies.
This is why I don’t follow or like influencers. They are not genuine because they are obviously being paid to sell a product.


2 days ago

I have been scratching my head trying to figure out who would be buying something based on Hailey Beibers association. Surely she has some fans but not enough to carry a line…
That kinda sucks but... is there anything to be done, really? (I don't know if there is, so it's an actual question lol)

If it's not the exact same name, it seems like they don't have legal grounds to do anything... but then again, if something is close enough, or contains the actual name itself within the company name (I'm sure if I put out products under a brand called "NIKE HAIRCARE", Nike would still come for my ass lol) maybe that's diff
There are legal grounds provided there is brand confusion, which the fashion Rhode is claiming. They would have to prove these claims to get anywhere with this. I am not a lawyer or trademark agent but I have been paralegal for one so I have some vague knowledge but not the nitty gritty detail or knowledge of precedent cases that could affect the outcome of this.
ah ok, thanks for the info!
Hm, as I understand, they both have the same name (just "Rhode") though, and if Hailey is really planning to venture into fashion with her brand, then there would be legal ground.

I can't speak for North America, but from the article stating that she tries to trademark for clothing, it sounds very similar to where I live. Over here, if you want to sell something, you register a brand in selected categories, like food, clothes, lifestyle product, vehicles, electronics etc., even music. Example: I worked for an artist who registered their artist name as a brand, so no one else can release music under this name or sell artist-related merchandise. However, an adult webshop with the same name, selling in-house branded stuff, popped up. But since the artist didn't register their brand for sex toys or whatever category that would be (lifestyle?), there's no legal conflict. Obviously, big companies register in all categories available to avoid future confusion.
honestly the biggest surprise for me is that she was apparently thinking of starting a brand 4 years ago.
same, I did not expect that level of forethought from her lmao
Makes sense to me lol that's when she became Mrs. Beiber and wanted to profit from it. But she couldn't trademark off her married name so here we are.
they've been married that long?? oblig, what is time
rhode is such a random name for her to have chosen
It's her middle name isn't it?
LMAO @ me exposing myself like this!!
it's her middle name.
Isn't it her middle name or something?


2 days ago

middle name. it’s hers.
i think she has a middle name? idk tho


2 days ago


2 days ago


1 day ago

i can’t believe no one has addressed this by now but it’s her middle name
everyone replying to you is wrong, i pretty sure it's her middle name
It’s her maiden name.
I agree! I wish someone would tell us why she chose it!!!
i think its dakota fannings middle name?
I agree. Even though by now everyone and their mother knows it's her middle name, I still think it's a bit of a weird name choice to use for a skin care brand. And also boring? Like just Rhode. There's no flair to it or anything that makes really makes it appealing.

Like, if someone just said it to me by word of mouth I probably would very quickly forget about it soon after.


1 day ago

I think it's from a name given to her at birth....but not her first or last name.

I can't remember, though.
OP mentioned it's her middle name in the post!
She went to RISD and was valedictorian, magna cum laude. Her greatest achievement in life.
Flashbacks to Kylie Minogue absolutely obliterating Jenner

Also when Tay Tay thought she was hot shit she could trademark 1989


June 23 2022, 02:06:23 UTC 2 days ago Edited:  June 23 2022, 02:06:50 UTC

As someone who hates Taylor that made me cackle with delight when that happened. I was also born a day earlier than she was (12/12/89) and her trying to trademark that made me hate her even more
"Rhode" as in rhode in on someone else's coattails to get to where she is. im going to hell anyway lol
And she still hasn’t really done shit either… aside from this / I didn’t even know she was a ‘model’ lol

There were no coattails to ride, she married him right before his complete decline so what is she gonna do



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