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Elliot Page Opens Up About His Transition and Incorporating It into The Umbrella Academy

Elliot Page talks about starring in the action-packed show The Umbrella Academy, incorporating his journey with transitioning into his character on the show and how embracing joy has made him a better actor.

Tags: elliot page, late night talk show

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He looks so comfortable and at ease ♥️ An excellent actor who is only going to get more interesting
I forgot it was today! Yes! can't wait to finish work and get it started.

Also, tangentially, I just finished reading The Transgender Issue by Shon Faye, a transwoman from the UK, and I highly recommend it.


June 22 2022, 15:24:31 UTC 4 days ago Edited:  June 22 2022, 15:26:16 UTC

I know it's probably a tricky subject, but I hope he still feels good and comfortable about his pre-transition work, because Hard Candy and Juno and Super remain fantastic movies and he should be proud of them
He was at the Oscars presenting with some of his Juno costars, and I believe that was after they showed a clip and reference the film in some way. It shows he’s willing to acknowledge that past part of him because he could have turned down the presenting duty otherwise.

But I’m sure it also brings back a lot of strange feelings and emotions, which is fair. I also know he spoke out recently about how much he hated the studios making him wear a dress to red carpets when Michael Cera got away with not even suits, but like super casual dressed down attire. Like why should he have had to wear a gown when Cera could wear jeans?

I think it’s got to be a tricky for an actor who’s achieved success and acclaim pre-transition to ignore that in an industry where so much is built around that past body of work and the characters they played. Like, he’s earned so much and shouldn’t have to start over, but it must be hard to have to accept that person as the one who achieved it all since they never were truly comfortable as that person.

He was perfect in both. Hard Candy made me a fan.
Hard Candy is the movie that made me a Stan!!! Whew child, phenomenal talent!!
Yes! Every time I see him, I immediately think of Hard Candy.
He seems so happy. ❤️
folks are saying the difference in how elliot is playing viktor vs. how he played vanya is staggering, that there's just so much more life to the character

i'm so happy for him
i started the new season and that is the truth! when viktor (elliot) smiles, it is pure joy <3
ahh i am so excited to start!
I can't imagine how difficult it must be to transition already, but then to add doing so in a public space (and with garbage social media) on top of all that. I'm so glad he's finding joy and has found his true self <3
He looks very happy & comfortable. Good for him!!
He looks so happy 😊

I'm really enjoying the new season 💜
Can't wait to see it.

Elliot has always been my hero since Juno and since my journey had really mirrored his (ally>bisexual>lesbian>trans male), I get so emotional seeing him be praised for being his authentic self!!

Anyway Juno 2 and Whip It 2 with Elliot’s character as trans when??? I’ll literally write them!!

omg a juno sequel with a trans angle would be soooo interesting.

also sending love bb <3


June 22 2022, 17:43:20 UTC 4 days ago Edited:  June 22 2022, 17:43:48 UTC

Ooh they could do Juno where their kid comes to town looking for them and meets their dad (Elliot) cause fuck Michael Cera .

I would love just the two of them…. Cause fuck Michael Cera

Wait, what did I not know about Michael Cera? I’m going to have to break my bestie’s heart.

And yes!! For whatever reason, the kid needs contact and the film is Juno determining how to best be part of the kids life. And it ends with Jennifer Gardner and Juno having a family dinner all together with a zoom out to the same song that opened the first film.


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would love a whip it sequel 😭
I know we don't know each other IRL but you are an epic human and I'm glad to be on this planet with you, exactly as you are and at every stage of your process.

(I know society and some politicians have a lot of bullshit going on that you didn't ask for, so I thought I'd leave some love that you also didn't ask for. *shrug*)


3 days ago

That clip was such a spoiler, ugh
Can't wait to start s3 and see how his transition is incorporated!
His transition coming out scene with Emmy Raper /Allison is so nice.

I got emotional. 😭 I am so happy for mah man.
i loved the scene with luther asking diego if they should throw a party to celebrate viktor, and it ws just so cuuuute
Can’t wait to watch the new season later today

I’m so happy for him
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