Lindsay Lohan On Martha Stewart

martha on lindsay's "party girl” lifestyle -

martha: who does all your shopping? i mean you're so busy, you're out every night, clubbing.

lindsay: apparently.

martha: you're a worker and a party girl too. i'm not upset about that - the party girl part i like. i go out every night! well they [the paparazzi] say i do.

lindsay on who she looks up to and listens to -

martha: is there anyone that can tell you, 'you're not going out tonight'?

lindsay: jane [fonda].

martha: well, you don't live with her!

lindsay: i know, but we talk all the time.

lindsay on working out -

martha: do you work out?

lindsay: i do kickboxing but i haven't done anything since i've been in town.

martha: excuses! excuses! excuses! party girls make excuses!

martha on lindsay cooking -

martha: she's [lindsay] working up a sweat! this is so great, and it's not even on the dance floor!

lindsay on dessert -

martha: how many of these [cream puffs] could you eat? do you eat? you know what i mean - do you eat dessert?

lindsay: yes! i love dessert. i have the biggest sweet tooth.


The appearance airs today.