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Paolo Nutini makes a comeback with 'Through the Echoes' and 'Lost'

After taking almost a decade hiatus, Paolo returns with 2 new tracks from his upcoming album 'Last Night In the Bittersweet' due for release on 1st of July!

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there's a name I haven't heard in an age
I came here to say the exact same thing LMAO
Ok wow this nice to hear.
A name I haven’t heard in ages and now I’m judging myself for not listening to him more often. It brought me right back to working at Old Navy back in the mid aughts and listening to him and the like on the store soundtrack. Whewwww, nostalgia.
Oh wow, oh wow, oh WOW

i miss new shoes lol. That song reminds me of wasting hours after school watching the N and not doing any homework
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i looooove his song "candy", such a sweet little love song.
Yesssss I remember watching the Candy music video on VH1 in the morning while I got ready for school ❤️ I loooooved that song and the video was incredible
I saw him in concert for free back when his second album came out and he was very drunk but the concert was still very fun, he tried singing a bit in italian as well

This is a niche joke, but


May 14 2022, 06:29:03 UTC 1 week ago Edited:  May 14 2022, 06:32:06 UTC

I love Lose It, it has a She Wants Revenge/Body Rockers vibe
Yes, I fucking love him! "Iron Sky" the live version never gets old.
What a throwback.
omo husband is back lemme listen
Great to see him back.
Hoping he announces an Irish tour date soon.
Omg I have such fondness for Paolo. I was always so in awe of his songwriting for being so young.
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