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Charmed: new sisters connection finally revealed!

-Tonight after 9 episodes the season long mystery of who Michaela aka Kaela is, how's she's Charmed, and how she is connected to Maggie/Mel was finally revealed.

-Kaela shares no lineage to the Vaughn sisters. She was given up for adoption by regular human parents. But how is she Charmed? When she was younger she had cancer and received stem cell treatment. Those stem cells came from one Macy Vaughn who donated her stem cells in an attempt to help her father who was battling cancer himself.

-Kaela receiving Macy's stem cells turned her into a witch and ultimately into a Charmed One, being able to tap into the Power of 3 with Mel/Maggie.

-Next week: LOVE IS A BATTLEFIELD - As Mel (Melonie Diaz), Maggie (Sarah Jeffrey) and Kaela (Lucy Barrett) are navigating their love lives, The Unseen bring an epic battle to The Charmed Ones'. Roxie (guest star Shi Ne Nielson) seeks Harry's (Rupert Evans) assistance, but his mission uncovers something - and someone - unexpected. Also starring Jordan Donica. Joe Gallagher directed the episode written by Carrie Williams (410).

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That is the dumbest thing I've ever read. Thank god this shit got cancelled.
I was so pissed. I’ve totally lost interest in almost everything EXCEPT how Kaela was connected and I can’t believe how stupid this was.

This is actually why it got cancelled.
The *only* possible first response. I am hooting over here!
I read this in Usagi's voice.
Exactly what I said as I read it.
So… can they just crank out charmed ones with stem cell donation or is there a series of environmental and genetic factors that also have to align?
Wait so, what are her powers? Are they identical to Macy’s? I stopped watching sometime when they’re living in that mall/workspace
Nope she has totally different set of powers. She has the power of manifestation. Right now anything she draws comes to life.


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1 week ago

Ya know I was gonna make a joke, but then I remembered the episode of the OG show where their blood gave monkeys their powers. Though, that was definitely meant to be funny...I don't think that was the intention of the current writers.
Yeah In the OG they established that their powers were genetics and blood gave others their powers but it didnt give them Power of 3/Charmedness.
i think that episode at least established you can’t really take their powers via blood donation 😂

that doc was getting so sick and i imagine it’s bc he was not only a man but a bland one
Woo boy that is some bad writing. At least the OG charmed had some semblance of believability. I guess it's all moot now anyway
At least the OG charmed had some semblance of believability. This combined with the above comment is so funny lol
lol to be fair...the monkeys were test subjects and the doctor tried to give himself their powers it drove him mad and was dying from it.


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1 week ago

Oh OG Charmed had some really goofy storylines. S5 was ripe with that shit from the Disney ep to Camelot to Titans and all that crap. I was referring to how they made Paige a Charmed One which I thought was a good save from a crappy situation for "rebooting" the show after Shannon left.


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May 14 2022, 04:36:33 UTC 1 week ago Edited:  May 14 2022, 04:39:00 UTC

I was so annoyed that I’ve been watching, waiting to learn how they are connected, and this was it. So stupid. I wondered if there was going to be something like she was somehow Macy & Harry’s kid (idk how, but writers make stuff happen) or maybe more likely, Mel’s baby to make that storyline that came out of nowhere last season have some sort of relevance. Or something else that was interesting and mystical! End no, just because someone has stem cells from someone else doesn’t make them your sister now.

But on a show where they had a talking, homocidal stuffed animal (that I thought was silly when they first introduced it an episode or two ago) take up half the episode’s air time, I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised. 🙄
I wouldve at least had her be from a different universe or something. Something where shes actually part of the lineage.

And why do the males continue to get their own plots soooo much.
Honestly one of my favorite twists in the OG show was Chris being their time traveling kid from the future and honestly they should have just ripped that off again because even the same storyline done twice is better than "stem cell treatment" lmao

I totally forgot about Chris, lol. But yes, exactly! That was a great storyline. I sywill keep thinking this thing with Kaela can’t be all; we must find out the truth in another episode.

Chris was such a great addition to the show, the show went to shit when he left lol


1 week ago

what the fuck
lol good god almighty this is ridiculous
They'll break a muscle stretching that far
LMFAO that's fucking funny
oh my god
her being yet another secret sister would have been much less stupid
I'm so sad this reboot got cancelled after one perfect season. it really had potential
That's some acrobatic creative writing.
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