Wolfgang Bogdanow (kevinkeller) wrote in ohnotheydidnt,
Wolfgang Bogdanow

‘Godzilla vs. Kong 2’: Dan Stevens Reunites With ‘The Guest’ Director Adam Wingard

-  Dan Stevens will play one of the leading roles in the film.

- Production is slated to begin this summer in Australia.

Tags: actor / actress, dan stevens, film - action / adventure

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ok I'll watch but only if he has his shirt off for most of the movie with some nudity thrown in for good measure

The Guest is legitimately great.
Agreed. And the soundtrack was *chef's kiss*


1 week ago


1 week ago

i'll watch if he does it as his Eurovision character tbh
unironically thank god we are getting more of this. godzilla king of the monsters is the best movie ever made i am 100% serious
I didn't realize they were going the GvK2 route I thought that the first one was meant to link up Kong and Godzilla and then we would get more expansion on the other "gods" but I'm always here for monster movie so I'll buy it.
dan stevens does something for me and i cannot name the feeling but it's probably something shameful LOL
Had zero idea the monster verse was still continuing.
This cucumber sandwich's choice to dump downtown came up roses for him.
Well done on that transformation too😉
Wingard and Barret were on 🔥 releasing You're Next and The Guest. Both movies are classics in my book 🤌
Wait why does he look like that in the thumbnail…
I scrolled much too far for this comment. I need answers.
I hate that I find him attractive, but coming into this post, I see that there are dozens of us! Dozens!
Lol what? He's a very conventionally attractive man. Maybe just not in that outfit in the tweet lol.
Lol the tweet plus I remember a lot of ONTD bashing him from his Downton Abbey days, especially when he was a bit doughier and when he decided to just up and leave the show.


1 week ago


May 14 2022, 08:40:15 UTC 1 week ago Edited:  May 14 2022, 08:42:33 UTC

I picked up a soft spot for him when he did I'm Your Man. Doing an entire film in German, and it being your second? third? language is hot, plus he seems to have a sense of humor based off Eurovision. But I wasn't in the Downton Abbey posts back in the day. It wasn't in his tag, but we had a post about him calling out BoJo which has added some goodwill. (and the over all working out prob helped him irt ontd too)
He and Aubrey Plaza should have won Emmy and golden Globes for Legion and I will be forever upset that they were snubbed.
Ugh I loved that show so much and they got dust
If he ends up looking like he did in The Guest, I may end up committing something sinful…
how many american men did he have to beat off this time
The Guest is sooo good, that final scene while Annie’s “Anthonio” remix is playin?!?! Amazing
in AUSTRALIA??? welcome down under, sir

Where’s your icon from?


1 week ago

This sounds like a shit movie but here for Dan staying employed
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