I’ll be your favorite worst mistake. (stewie_e) wrote in ohnotheydidnt,
I’ll be your favorite worst mistake.

Camila Cabello, Maria Becerra - Hasta Los Dientes (Official Music Video)

Give me a Maria Becerra only version tbh.

Tags: camila cabello, latino celebrities, music video, who asked for this

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Camilla really got lucky with Havana bc....what are those vocals
Her new(?) song is catchy but the vocals are SO BAD
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I'm fucking screaming at 1 in the morning over this djdhdbdhbdbdbdbdbd
There something off about the mixing of this? Why are the vocals so…off? Idk how to explain it lol
Also Camila cannot pull off “edgier looks” like the clothes always wear her
Wish somebody else released this...
She's not giving. She's actively taking.
my close friend LOVES this cd. i didn't listen but i just know they're wrong
I know she's awful but she's charismatic. I like this maria gal.
Lol I was going to post that she's devoid of charisma.
I think not having any feelings towards her because I didn't listen to the group she was in gives me a different perspective. I just know she's a racist asshole due to my ONTD education, so that does make me dislike her.


1 week ago

Camilla’s last album was pretty solid but she completely lacks likability and they don’t know how to market her. Trying this camp and quirky person is not that.
yes! i really enjoyed her album and her label gave her an original promo roll out and the visuals were pretty great. i just wish they did all this from someone who was actually talented and charismatic. rip.
I'll give her this; she hustles. Releases song, releases video, does 20 performances to promote it. Song flops? Shrugs, releases another one. Wash, rinse, repeat. Some of these other new girls should take note. Stand by your flops.
What's this, Cammy?
honestly, i have to admire the hustle because i always hear camila's music on the radio when i'm driving. can't say the same for any of her former bandmates, lol.
Wild side is the longest running female collab on Urban radio ever so not all lol
just stating my personal experience and for the record, i only listen to top 40 radio stations so i can't speak to more genre specific stations 🤷
Camila must dislike herself even more than we do cause why would you choose to dress like that? So fucking unflatering

It’s so weird to see comments about her not being vocally talented because every “vocal coach” video I have seen puts her as a great vocalist, and one of the best in 5H. I’m not the type that cares about this stuff, as along as I enjoy someone’s voice. But I think people confuses “I don’t like her voice” with “She can’t sing”.

Maybe she uses good vocal technique or something because her range seems very limited and her tone is grating, imho.

María Becerra:

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