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Eurovision: Israel's singer disqualified due to behavior in semi final. UPDATE: Or not?

According to Rai News, Israeli singer Michael Ben David was disqualified from the Eurovision Song Contest after kissing host Alessandro Cattelan on the cheek during this year's second semi final. Apparently Cattelan said he found the kiss funny, but I guess that didn't matter. The article doesn't really make it clear whether he was disqualified and therefore didn't make it to the final or if he's not allowed to participate in future Eurovisions anymore.

Anyway... vote for Romania/Spain/Serbia on Saturday!

Edit: apparently he’s been behaving inappropriately for a while with journalists and contestants, see milankam’s comments in this post. While the article doesn’t mention any of those instances as the reason for his disqualification, he’s definitely done more than the kiss on the cheek.

It seems like Rai News misunderstood what was said during the press conference according to an article from ESCXTRA. ESCXTRA.com reached out to the EBU to ask for clarification on the matter. They have responded as follows:

“We can clarify that Israel has not been disqualified from the Eurovision Song Contest; they did not qualify from the semi-finals and so will not perform in the Grand Final. There was a misunderstanding in a press conference yesterday (13 May) featuring the Eurovision Song Contest show hosts. A journalist asked a question referencing Michael Ben David, at the conference and used the term ‘disqualified’ whereas what he meant was that Michael Ben David had not qualified for the final. The hosts understandably misunderstood his question and hence why this has been reported as such.”

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He got disqualified for cheek-kissing a guy?
i'm 95% sure this interpretation is a mistranslation lmao
it isn't lol


1 week ago


May 14 2022, 01:41:36 UTC 1 week ago Edited:  May 14 2022, 01:45:23 UTC

So not for kissing the hostess (Sry I'm not European I only remembered Mika)? It should be for both tbh
The article only mentions the male host for some reason

Well I would def be mad if someone kissed my cheek without my consent but then again I’m disgusted but any kind of physical contact.

Because gay or because he didn't have consent beforehand?
He shouldn't have kissed either.
consent issue. eurovision is queer af
I knew enough to know it is queer just not enough to know if it knows it's queer.


1 week ago


1 week ago


1 week ago


May 14 2022, 01:44:59 UTC 1 week ago Edited:  May 14 2022, 01:49:19 UTC

That wa cringe and he shouldn't have done it.

Yeah they didn't make it anyway so is this disqualified for future like a penalty?
It was really cringy, I'm guessing mostly they didn't trust him to not interrupt the show again. I think he did some weird stuff on the red carpet too.
he didn't qualify anyway 🤷‍♀️ so I'm curious what suspending will do, but I was annoyed during this segment because it's right when they're saying voting is open and it felt very, 'look at me/vote for me' when all the other contestants were sitting where they were supposed to.

I didn't watch any of the turquoise carpet or other events but apparently he's been doing this (interrupting, touchy feely, stealing spotlight) to everyone?
he was taking that frankie grande cosplay very seriously i guess


May 14 2022, 02:06:54 UTC 1 week ago Edited:  May 14 2022, 02:11:10 UTC

lmao stop this makes it sound so much more dramatic than it actually is

i'm pretty sure this is just a mistranslation and the original text states that he failed to qualify AFTER that moment not BECAUSE of it like disqualifying someone who didn't qualify anyway makes no sense

(also like... i'm pretty sure there's no official rule that states you can't do that even if you obviously shouldn't and the esc rules are famously thorough and strict)
No, the original text clearly mentions he’s disqualified because of this. What it does not mention is what the disqualification means since he indeed didn’t make it to the finals anyway — is it just something that kinda means nothing since he didn’t make it anyway, or does it mean he’s disqualified from future eurovisions?
Last time I checked Israel isn’t even in Europe.
They're not the only non-European country that competes in Eurovision.
neither is australia but we there
that's the least of my problems re: israel being in eurovision tbh
….okay? lol
They're not even a real country 🤷
I wonder why is Israel in the Eurovision? Australia was invited, but not permanently, right?
I googled it and it goes by which countries are members of the European broadcasting union, not all of which are in Europe.
every year I forget this... thanks!


1 week ago

Israel is part of the European Broadcasting Union which is the entity that organizes Eurovision.

But yeah, Australia just got invited for the uh... 60th anniversary a few years back? And then it was a big success so they are now there every year.
I think I read somewhere that Australia considered joining the EBU to be able to compete permanently, but not sure if that happened or not.
A European settler colony. Ew.
That seems fair. Gross tbh. Also I love Mika.
I am confused. He didn't make it to the next round right? But if he didn't make it how do you get disqualified if you already eliminated?

gif saved for inevitable future use
Didn't get the chance to watch the semifinals live, but I can't wait for the final tomorrow. Also, happy with anything that gives Mika more spotlight.

Still think SlowMo is a Fuego copycat and didn't win fairly in Benidorm Fest, but Chanel is lovely and talented on her own, so best luck to her points. However, Mama became a Spanish LGBT anthem from day one, so at least there's that.
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