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ABC announces renewals!

ABC has renewed Big Sky, A Million Little Things, Wonder Years, The Conners, and Home Economics for next season.

In addition, Jensen Ackles has been promoted to regular (he signed a one year deal) on Big Sky after guest starring in the season two finale next week. Jamie Lynn Sigler, who has recurred this season, has also been upped to regular.

Sources 1 and 2
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YES! WONDER YEARS! :D -throws glitter everywhere- At least one of our shows made it! :D

I might check out Big Sky again for Jensen. I didn't like the episodes that I did see. So..;(
Absolutely thrilled about Wonder Years (really been enjoying it so far) and The Conners!

And holy shit, Jensen! I'm still in shock that he's been promoted to regular. Dropped Big Sky after one or two episodes but now I'm going to have to catch up. LOL, I was just planning on watching the finale when it was still a guest spot because I just watched eight episodes of Chicago Fire for Brett Dalton with absolutely no context. Also glad Big Sky films in New Mexico so he doesn't have to travel to Canada now.

He's going to be a regular on ABC show for at least a season! Wow.
Do you watch every television show currently on tv?
obviously they don’t **

**but i would be curious to know how many shows they do keep up with lol
I need to catch up on Big Sky s2, I haven't picked it up since their winter break. I really like it

A Million Little Things is very..........but I like it anyway?


May 13 2022, 22:23:43 UTC 1 week ago Edited:  May 13 2022, 22:25:43 UTC

I’m glad to see Jensen thriving. I appreciate that he’s set for life but he wasted too much time on Supernatural.

Also, if he and my longtime crush Katheryn Winnick hook up on the show my little bi heart and ovaries are going to explode.
I think he did, too. The guys not a bad actor so I think he could've done more than Supernatural. Maybe he still will.
i only like the first arc of big sky with the sisters/gerri and have tuned out on both other arcs but still watch it as background noise for kylie

i doubt i'd miss a million little things if it had been cancelled but i do enjoy it so i'm glad it wasn't. katherine's gay arc has been fun
I still dont understand how they dropped the first arc in S1 so quickly. It felt like whiplash. Has S2 been better?
idk, i don't pay attention much at all to the story lmao. from what i've gathered it's at least mostly been a season long arc?
I haven't watched the second half of Big Sky this season, but I really liked the first season and they resolved the kidnapping storyline quicker than I thought. I haven't really liked anything else. The ~big bad~ this season is so laughably terrible at acting. She's not threatening at all.
Same, I watched the first I think it was 11 episodes of Big Sky, but then I got kind of bored after that and dropped it when they started up a completely new story. I was hooked by the original arc though with the kidnapped women
Jensen really aint falling to the CW curse. Been booked and busy since Supernatural. Going from Amazon to CW to ABC...he is all over the place. Producing, acting, get them coins and side track that type casting.
Jensen has been looking so good lately. 👀
I liked the first couple of episodes of A Million Little Things, then lost track of it because I think I expected cancellation, but it's still here so I guess there are enough episodes for me to start catching up now. Ditto Big Sky. Happy for both casts.

I don't watch many sitcoms, but Home Economics does make me laugh so happy for them as well.
A Million Little Things is currently on its 4th season, so you have plenty to watch, haha.
I was wondering about Jensen. I don't watch the show but it seemed weird that they would cast him as a sherriff(?) and only have him on for one episode. He's not exactly an unknown actor. Not very well known, but a lot of people recognize him.
I was so worried AMLT was going to get canceled, it felt like they were wrapping a lot of storylines up this season, so I assumed. Then I heard there was going to eb a huge cliffhanger at the finale next week and really started bracing myself, but now it's renewed so I don't have to worry AS much!

And I'm very happy for Jensen. Busy year for him, The Boys soon, Winchesters, now this. And whatever else he's got going with DC.
I laugh every time I see a promo for A Milion Little Things... that shit is so manipulative and is entirely crafted to pull your heartstrings. Do the characters even get a few breaks from the seemingly relentless misery they experience?
It’s become so melodramatic and ridiculous. But I watch every week. Lol
yes @ wonder years and home economics. i've never been in the mood to watch AMLT but happy for james roday rodriguez!! the psych-o in me is happy shawn and gus are still on the same network together. i need another movie soon
omg that is the sweetest thing that theyre both on the same network together.
YES wonder years! i was worried it wasn't going to get renewed

everything else uh sorry but i barely watch like tv tv these days

every time i see a million little things in like an ONTD post over here i'm like "they made a show about the addict memoir? on ABC?? and the guy from psych is in it???" and then i remember its a different name lol. but glad that both of the psych guys are getting work
i LEGITIMATELY thought the exact same thing about the show title / book when i first heard of it

Sooo... is this also a "The Boys" spoiler? 😂😂😂
what about holey moley
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