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How HBOMax & Paramount+ helped dare to defy TheCW

-This past month has been the Red Wedding of cancellations for TheCW with them cancelling 10 shows.

-TheCW spent the last decade being the safe space for shows to live long and prosper but that is no longer the case due to various circumstances...such as everyone wanting in on the streaming wars.

-For majority of its run, TheCW (and thereby WB/CBS) made majority of its money from selling their shows overseas and to Netflix with their last Netflix deal being for $100mill for exclusive rights to stream their shows 7 days after they aired their finale.

-3 years ago TheCW opted not to renew their Netflix contract and all new shows would go to either HBO Max or Paramount+ depending on who produced the show and the studios wanting their shows back to build their own libraries (Netflix has exclusive rights to a series for 5 years following its series finale)

-With TheCWs income coming from primarily selling their shows streaming rights no longer a thing it has prompted CBS/WB to cut back on costs.

-TheCW had planned on renewing Batwoman and Legends of Tomorrow but the studio lot that they rent out in Vancouver expired May 1st and WB was not interested in renewing the contract so TheCW was forced to cancel the shows.

-With the cancellations comes the end of the Netflix era as only 3 shows remain on TheCW that are grandfathered into the Netflix streaming deal (The Flash/All American/Riverdale) Any hope to save shows such as Charmed, Legacies, LoT, Dynasty, etc. would land on Netflix as they have hold the rights to the shows for 5 years following their finales.

-WB/CBS are also looking to sell their majority share in TheCW and are potentially attempting to make it more appealing with having shows not tied down to previous deals and those that are still able to bring in money.

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Will the channel die?
Some company that owns local TV stations is supposedly interested in buying it.
Basically yes.
It will turn into another place for syndication.
I'm pretty sure it already is another place for syndication (and always has been) except for the 2 hours of nightly programming it has.
LoT was the best cw superhero show and I feel robbed of a last season w booster gold. It would have been the perfect ending. I'm genuinely mad about it
the fact they never got booster gold to show up on this show??? smfh
The Discovery merger 1.) was bullshit and 2.) has created such a fucking mess that has cost so many people their jobs. Thousands AFAIK. And they're putting Discovery people in charge of everything at HBO Max now and they're just dropping the ball hardcore.
While yes it is messy as hell to cancel everything left and right, WB is apparently coming in $500mill below where it's supposed to be so Discovery is getting the $$$ back in line.
As someone who works there as a contractor, it absolutely is a fucking mess.
The cat in your icon is amazing


1 week ago

apparently discovery has been a mess forever.... a former coworker's wife worked there ca 2016 and um let's say she had nothing good to say but also was so burnt out and traumatized she couldn't talk about the bad stuff either
I see Netflix considering saving Dynasty and mayyyyyybe order a couple of episodes to finish off Legends of Tomorrow.

The rest are dead.
Netflix kinda needs content so we will see the implications of this for a while I think.
I hope someone buys Kung Fu. Not because I watch it but because I want Asian actors to have a show.
....wasn't it renewed for s3?
I have no idea.
It was renewed back in March, I believe. Superman and Lois, Kung Fu, Nancy Drew, Walker, All American, The Flash, and Star Girl all got early renewals (there are more)
I'm sad Dynasty got canceled. The show needs to a final season to wrap things up. The final ep is going to be a mess even if they got like 5 eps left to film. I hope Netflix does save it but I'm going to hold my breath on that.
I hope the crews find work soon. But honestly this was a smart decision, those shows were lazy cheap and mostly pointless.
Also with Netflix being in its flop era, the timing couldn't be worse.

So many executives made the wrong calls here but the people who will suffer will be those at the bottom of the totem pole. This is heartbreaking.
If the continuity for those shows comes down to Netflix, aaaay 😬
if matt davis is now unemployed maybe it was all worth it
i still don't get why long running programs don't even get a proper ending but we get prequels to more straight white series that should've been over long and MORE DC show's even though they tossed fan favorite's right into the trash. :'(
The CW deserves this torturous death.

They lost 2 actors...why are they wasting money on this?
This is the name network that made a pilot for The Selection, it was terrible, recast it all, made another pilot in a different country even, and it was still too bad to make it to the CW.
theyre putting this network out of its misery and i, for one, am thrilled.
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