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What We're Watching: Special Friday Edition


Hi babes!! Sorry this didn't come up yesterday - I was day drinking 😬. What's everyone been watching and how do u feel about it?!

Rant, rave, rage!
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New Owl House tomorrowwwwwwww who else is watching.
Gonna catch it this weekend, hope we get to see Eda kick some more ass
I'm so mad we aren't getting a proper s3!


May 13 2022, 22:10:18 UTC 1 week ago Edited:  May 13 2022, 22:11:16 UTC

lmao you've conditioned me to anticipate this post on Thursdays so I was refreshing ONTD all evening last night!!!

Anyway, I watched Business Proposal which was enjoyable enough. I loved the way you could feel the webtoon roots of the show in the stylized moments. And I REALLY loved the secondary couple (mad @ how little screen time they got in the last half of the series). The primary couple was cute enough too but ugh didn't care for how the entire final 2 episodes spent so much time on Chairman Kang.

eta: ONTD Kdrama watchers, what should I watch next? I'm thinking either Tomorrow or Beyond Evil. lmao Very different shows in terms of tone, but both also seem to have good reviews.
I'm sorry!!! For the first time this year I was too busy for ONTD lmao

I promise it won't happen again 🥺
Babe day drinking is protected by ontd law, it's ok! :D


1 week ago

Beyond Evil!! Although I haven't seen Tomorrow.
Have you seen Stranger? it stars Jo Seeing Woo and Bae Doo Na and it is fantastic. It is one of the few k dramas that has a second season. One of the best law/crime dramas I have seen!
We started the second season of Bling Empire because watching anything that requires attention is fucking hard with a puppy.

I did manage to finally binge Feel Good and The L Word Q Generation. LESBIANS.
Shows that are ongoing that I'm keeping up with:

1. Derry Girls - I actually LOVED this week's ep. The casting for [Spoiler (click to open)]the teen versions of the moms was SO spot on, as was the acting and writing for them. I admit, I did not predict Deirdre as a punk but it worked so well.

2. Under the Banner of Heaven - Watched the first 3 episodes last week and am gonna watch this week's episode tonight. Overall I like it and think that it's a very difficult source material to adapt because the book is basically a run down of Mormon history with a murder being used as a framing device. But the show is really focusing on the murder with the Mormon history sprinkled in as explanation for how they got there.

3. Taskmaster - oh my god. Bridget in the find the phone task!!! Sis was a mess! But also, lol. Also LOL @ Bridget and Judi clearly both not understanding the high five task... like AT ALL.
Is that the first time we’ve ever seen Deidre out of her nurse uniform? I liked seeing more of the other mums, usually they just pop in for a line or two and then off again.

Canadian Cousin Rob cracked me up.
Omg I was cry laughing and yelling at my screen the whole time 😂 How did no one think that they were the ones and not Alex to get the key when they read that task?! It was so obvious!

I knew this season would be amazing bc of Judi but everyone's hilarious and really delivering

Bridget is all of us

The tragedy of Bridget having the easiest to retrieve key, but yet completing falling apart and having a breakdown while trying to find the phone so that ended up meaning nothing.

Re: Taskmaster


1 week ago

Re: Taskmaster


1 week ago

Actually made a tiny dent in our shows this week!

Severance: Finished this earlier this week, and yeah, it's a really fucking good show!! Thank you to all who recommended checking it out. [Spoiler (click to open)]The twist with Helly was great... I thought there might be something shady with her, but jfc!! Love the whole team. Cannot wait for S2.

Russian Doll: Finished this earlier this week as well. Unfortunately, I didn't think it was nearly as good as S1. I loved the general idea of generational trauma that they were exploring, but I thought it got kind of unnecessarily convoluted a couple of episodes in, and never really recovered from that. But Natasha Lyonne is incredibly captivating to me and I want to see her in more things.

Under the Banner of Heaven: This has been great so far, and I hope it can end as strong as it has started. Andrew Garfield is killing it. Definitely gonna read the book once the series is done.

Still have to catch up on new Hacks and Atlanta. Our next new show will probably be S2 of For All Mankind because S3 starts in less than a month. Time flies!
Season 2 of For All Mankind was great.
I’m one episode into both Severance and Under the Banner of Heaven!
Russian Doll S2 was the Natasha Lyonne doing a History Lesson show.
oop i just said this in the post that went up after but i am loving the staircase on hbo. toni colette is doing insane work in that omg. [Spoiler (click to open)]i’m really fascinated by the choice to show real-time and brutally graphic, realistic recreations of the different theories of what happened, it felt so apparent that the idea she just slipped and fell could not have happened when you watch it played out like that. it just didn’t look right. and the one in the newest ep was just harrowing. i was shaking and can’t get the look on kathleen/toni’s face as she took her final breaths out of my head. oof. it’s been a brutal watch but really compelling and thought-provoking imo.
omg that was one of the most brutal deaths I've seen on screen and it wasn't even the reenactment of the murder, just the accident version.
I watched The Lost City which was silly and fun.

I am also watching Derry Girls and it just brings me so much joy. I wish their seasons had a lot more episodes.
I'm watching the gilded age. I have 3 more episodes left. The costumes are definitely the selling point in my opinion. I like it much better than downton abbey but that's not saying much lmao. I wish there was more than one black main character and I really think they're downplaying the race relations component to make the white characters seem more sympathetic.

I dnf moon knight. All the characters were unbearable.
Moon Knight bored me to tears
I've been slowly working my way through Maid on Netflix. It's very well done, and there's a lot of subtle moments that feel very real (eg, a flashback scene in their "honeymoon" period where you could already see a bruise on her forearm, but the camera wasn't focusing on it; her friend claiming to be "Switzerland" but then spending the rest of the party on Sean's side of the room).

The one thing that nags at me a little is I feel like the POC characters are in a very supportive role where their only job is to boost Alex in ways that lean a lot into stereotypes, like the ~sassy Latina~ and the motherly black woman who calls Alex "baby girl" all the time. I know the show is based off a memoir, so it's totally possible that these are all very real people, but it sticks out a lot. And also I don't think the show (so far) is really examining how much white privilege is benefitting Alex, like, there's no way so many people would be taking chances on her (or giving her second chances after a mistake) if she weren't white/thin/pretty.

I think the next thing I want to watch is Under the Banner of Heaven. That book was phenomenal and I'm curious about how they're adapting it.
I had the same thought about Maid when I watched it. I also didn't buy that skinny white lady doing all that hard work.
halfway through Lovecraft Country and how did it take me so long to watch it?? I'm OBSESSED

Jurnee & Jonathan are -chef's kiss- couple

the whole show is just so fucking excellent
I wish we got another season of Lovecraft Country.
Doing a little Star Trek Voyager rewatch while listening to the Delta Flyers podcast.

Not in order just skipping around to some of my fave episodes.
which eps stand out as your favorite?
Oh boy so many lol
Death wish and Deadlock
The Chute, Future's End, Scorpion, The Raven, Year of Hell, killing game, timeless, Latent Image, bride of chaotica (personal fave forever) haven't really made it to seasons 6 and 7 but the finale (besides Seven and Chakotay lol)

And others

I know Voyager isn't the fave of a lot of Trekkies but I really love it.


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1 week ago

I recently watched Course: Oblivion randomly and holy shit that episode always sticks with me. So bleak. So good.
This past week I watched CLARK on Netflix (great and very funny. Bill Skarsgård is the most talented Skarsgård brother imo!) continued my ER rewatch (almost at the end of season 8 aka time to quit!) and the Stanley Cup playoffs (RIP Rangers – probably?)
CLARK's a film, right?
No, it's a miniseries! 6 episodes.


1 week ago

Finished Ozark this week 😭😭😭
Im trying not to spend money this weekend so I fired up my old Kanopy library acct and have a short list of light-hearted international romance movies on there:

Sex and Lucia
Spring Night Summer Night
Five Times Two
Yesterday Today and Tomorrow

Any seen these or have recs? I'll probably end up watching The Lobster for the 10th time too.
finished afterparty s1. it wasn't that funny and very repetitive but I still kind of liked it/ will check out season 2
I had high hopes in the beginning, and I liked how each episode was a different style, but yeah, I just didn't think it was that great or funny in the end.
Haha, I feel the same way! I'm hoping S2 is a little better and was excited to hear John Cho will be in it!
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