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Bryce Dallas Howard and Chris Pratt Joke They 'Sneakily Stole' Non-Scripted Kisses in Jurassic World


Howard: "Dominion was the only time that there's actually been a kiss written into the movie. The last two we sneakily stole ... because it's okay to have a little romance in a Jurassic movie!"

Pratt: "It's true. The need for the will-they-won't-they sexual chemistry does not fall on us in this film. It's Laura and Sam. It's 30 years in the making... and it's just fantastic. It's so beautiful."" (👀)

Howard: "Chris is someone who I respect and admire and who I have a blast with, and we're just very compatible. Getting to have a friend like [that] in my life is absolutely amazing. And that doesn't go away, which is good."

Pratt: "Bryce is actually the secret weapon. If you're making a movie and you have the opportunity to have her involved in any way, you absolutely do it. And you'll be better in the end 'cause she was involved."
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The need for the will-they-won't-they sexual chemistry

Need? I would describe it more as an unwanted surplus these days.
*settles into this baity ass post*
Now girl why would you kiss a crisp rat if no one’s making you
and why would you want the world to know you didn't HAVE to kiss him
Right? I'd kiss all the actual rats in the world, but certainly not this one.
HMMMMMMM whaaaaat's going on
This post made my nose wrinkle like I smelled a fart
Him though??
So they kissed each other unscripted because... it was their character's chemistry? I get confused sometimes because they talk about *their* personal chemistry and just... idk, choices.
Their characters also have zeroooo chemistry.
And we know what Joey Tribiani said about actors not having on screen chemistry


1 week ago


1 week ago

You couldn't pay me to kiss him, let alone unprompted.
they got me at ellie and grant's endless UST, i don't care about anything else
What is this referencing? I must know! 😂

Unfortunately, Bryce was not included in the equally legendary remix


1 week ago


1 week ago


1 week ago


1 week ago

Lmao. You know what that energy feels like to me? Two high school teachers who've been secretly fucking each other for like a week, oblivious to the fact that literally every kid who sees them together KNOWS.
This brings me back to me and my friends creating so many stories about out math & history teachers. They were the only pretty teachers in school so evidently, we all shipped them.
When I worked retail, there was a supervisor who had an off site party with people she supervised, and I guess it turned into an orgy. The higher ups found out about it, and everyone involved was either fired or sent to another store.
omg this happened at a Barnes & Noble I worked at. Shit was wild. A couple of the managers were asking employees if they wanted to join the "Hot Tub Club" I guess for several months and then they had a big birthday party for one of the managers and people were taking their clothes off left and right and it led to this HUGE scandal with a ton of people getting fired
Oh man this just unlocked a memory from junior high that the PE teacher was getting with one of the history teachers and all the loud mouth boys would ask the PE teacher how Ms. so and so was doing.
in my high school this science teacher had a science teacher wife but he started having an affair with ANOTHER science teacher in the same school!!!
This comment coming a day after I found out a non-teaching staff member at our school has been sleeping with a maths teacher for the last few months, going over to his house in the middle of the night while his wife and kids are asleep!!! They're both in our little friends group and the rest of us have always kinda thought they were awfully close, but not this close!
lmfao uh
You’re admitting this? Girl…..choices.
how christian of you, crisp rat.
Your partner on the set is still considered a partner soo
~in god's eyes~
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