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aespa to add 5th member?

during a radio interview, winter accidentally let it slip that there's a new member of the four person group and then looked like it was an accident. sm has not commented on this, but there have been rumors since last year that a new member named ara was going to be joining the group.

source source

i think a fifth could help add more energy to their performances!
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Honestly they could benefit from a Yeri type addition. Like RV before them, the older members aren't that fun yet.
hopefully someone with charisma!
This NingNing slander!
Is this theory based on that Kwangya thing?


May 13 2022, 21:15:41 UTC 1 week ago Edited:  May 13 2022, 21:16:19 UTC

Idk why this commented here sorryyyy
the red velvet of it all!
well it worked for red velvet, but were they as successful as aespa currently is pre-yeri? i feel like aespa has had so many huge achievements with the current line-up that it’d be weird to add someone else. that girl would get a deluge of shit too so i’d feel bad for her.

hopefully this is just referring to some new character in their dumbass lore or something lmao.
they weren't. then again: red velvet debuted in august 2014 and yeri was added in march 2015 so the group only "existed" without her for like eight months. aespa is only six months out from their second anni. it wouldn't be the first time that a group added a member that far out, but when not counting nct (which is a totally different situation overall, i guess), the only group that's added a member after debut has been suju. and only kind of there because k-elfs were always sinophobic as hell about henry and zhoumi and they were never considered "official" members.


May 13 2022, 21:27:45 UTC 1 week ago Edited:  May 13 2022, 21:30:08 UTC

ty for the info! honestly i’d be surprised if they added another member, especially after promoting in the US as 4. and they just became the second kpop group to be named a next generation leader by time magazine or something, had a photoshoot and all - idk just feels like a lot of global branding has been concretized and it’s clearly working so idk why they’d rush to change the formula in what would likely cause backlash since they have a big fandom.

unless they’re ramping up the more narrative parts of their concept and black mamba like manifests as a new member or something lmfao but…let’s hope not


1 week ago

Rv added yeri pretty early, Aespa already had two hit songs so idk how it would work for them
Call me when they add their 23rd
they work well as a quartet and are v successful as it is, so hmmmt.
I can't stand it when groups add random new members, especially when it's years down the line. Aespa is already huge enough with this lineup; I don't see the point of adding another member unless SM just has some trainee sitting around they don't know what to do with and don't want to lose? She'll probably get tons of hate too like Yeri did.
I remember seeing the rumors about it some time ago. It'd be kind of nice if they added two or three so they could all have someone else to go through it with and they could be like aespa 2nd gen...


May 13 2022, 22:02:11 UTC 1 week ago Edited:  May 13 2022, 22:03:29 UTC

this radio clip is from 2021 and she was probably just talking about naevis or some shit, all she says is "now, with a new person's ae..."

I thought it was about Navis (their fans) getting their own AI. I hope they don't add a new member, the 4 should work on their stage presence instead

i am learning from this comment that naevis is supposed to be their fans 💀💀💀
their fans are MY though, why are they giving them two names?


1 week ago


1 week ago


5 days ago

it's this comment from pannchoa

"Naevis really didn't have an avatar at first compared to the avatars of the members that were immediately introduced at their debut. While Naevis avatar was only introduced @ 2021 which btw was when Winter said that."

the radio interview was actually in 2021 and not recent


1 week ago

but what about their AI avatars or whatever the fuck those were lmaooo
Aside from the lip synching I honestly don’t get the hate this group gets. The girls are cute and fine on stage. Their mini was so much fun and made construction noise an art.