tillychar (tillychar) wrote in ohnotheydidnt,

First Look at "Boo, Bitch"

Lana Condor stars as a teenager who wakes up as a ghost after trying to have one wild night. The show also stars Zoe Colletti, Mason Versaw, and Aparna Brielle. It will premiere July 8 on Netflix.

Tags: asian celebrities, netflix, television promo / stills

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this sounds almost like that movie that just came out with victoria justice
The Afterlife of the Party! I checked the release date and it was in September?? But it feels like 3 months ago??
but no trailer??? rude
aww that's a sad summary
Is it kind of like Susie Q?!


May 13 2022, 21:15:21 UTC 1 week ago Edited:  May 13 2022, 21:17:53 UTC

How dare they be out here stealing my identity with her characters name and the theme of her being a ghost (I use that as a username/nickname/identity sometimes.) I want credits!!

Points for spelling the name right tho.
Love Lana but want to see her in other things preferably made for adults and on the big screen!
Sounds both depressing and cute.

I'll tune in
Lana deserves better
What kind of contract did she sign with Reed Hastings? They can't have this grown woman acting out these high school skits forever?
I am a Lana stan and I'd like to see her in a college age role or in a work place setting. Asians age, too, you know
I see a Black woman, so that's a plus. Would like to see an Asian man or two.
How old is Lana now? Shouldn't she be doing older roles? I mean if that's how she gets her money, then good for her.
Does she have a chance to not be a ghost? I like happy shows and so I usually avoid ghost themes lol.
I'm sure/I hope that the ghost thing is temporarily and a Life Lesson.