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Marc Anthony, 53, is engaged to model Nadia Ferreira, 23

Marc Anthony and his girlfriend, Nadia Ferreira, are engaged.
The announcement came three months after the duo sparked romance rumors.

Anthony has six children, sharing Ariana, 28, and Chase, 26, with ex-girlfriend Debbie Rosado
As well as Cristian, 21, and Ryan, 18, with Dayanara Torres.
The actor and Jennifer Lopez are the parents of twins Emme and Maximilian, 14.

Tags: engagement, old soul alert / age gap

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Aw, maybe Ariana can be the big sister she never had.
Vom omg
If you have two children older than your fiancé that is a serious indication that you’ve fucked up somehow.
Yeah there is no way in hell anyone can rationalize that. It's disgusting how it doesn't make them uncomfortable. Loser you are OLD. Date someone your own age.
And the other two are basically peers besides the twins he has with jlo
do men not feel disgusted with themselves when they date someone close in age to their children? that is so incomprehensibly gross to me, do they really have no shame?

(same goes for the likes of sam taylor-johnson, but women like her are in the minority in cases like this)
They are unashamed of the cognitive dissonance between how they seen their overgrown brats and other people’s children.

The glee with which I watched a 50+ year old man married to a 19 year old have a meltdown bc his 27 year old daughter was dating one of his golf buddies.
Okay what now???

Deleted comment


1 week ago


1 week ago

do men not feel disgusted with themselves when they date someone close in age to their children? that is so incomprehensibly gross to me, do they really have no shame?

their hugely disproportionate egos can only focus on the fact that a beautiful, young woman who could have any guy chose their bank account old ass to be with. It's the same validation they get from having expensive stuff other people desire/want.
I'll never forget the study that showed men find women's peak age of attractiveness to be 23, whereas women's peak age of attractiveness for men continues to rise as they age. How depressing.
short answer. No.
I don’t know how I’d handle it if my dads partner was younger than me. That’s ……something
So gross
Yikes. And before any of the age gap weirdos come out, yeah, I think your father is gross too.
I don’t understand straight men. How can they look at themselves in the mirror?
tbh i think this phenomenon is an all men situation
Yeah it's funny when people limit it to straight men when there's def a common trait in the gay male community.

LOL remember a few people trying to defend Call Me By Your Name.


1 week ago

they must hate themselves
As a dude, I'm just glad I'm asexual

this definitely isn't exclusive to straight men
the problem is that they don’t
What the fuck

A divorciarse en 1-2 año se dijo

¿Se llegara embarazar?
Ojala que no.

La anterior no se embarazo.
Hope she gets her bag and dips

You couldn’t pay me enough money esta muy feo


1 week ago

They'll have a couple kids first


1 week ago


1 week ago

Les doy menos de un año


clean him out, sis!
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