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Pitchfork: Jack Harlow's new album is just terrible

Pitchfork reviewed Jack Harlow's new album and gave it a 2.9/10.

Some pull quotes that won't be making the Grammy campaign:

"His second album, Come Home the Kids Miss You, reveals that the showmanship is merely a distraction from some insipid, vacuous music. Harlow’s charisma does not translate onto the record, and, instead, we’re left with a one-trick pony without a discernible trick, a competent rapper who does not flow intricately or write impressively, a pop star who struggles to carry a song on his own."

"The worst [lyric] might be “Can’t lie, I’m on Angus Cloud nine” because “You know I like to dictate things, Kim Jong” is so obviously stupid that it must be a joke."

"Musically, it’s unfulfilling, lacking standout melodies or exciting rhythms. The sound of Come Home the Kids Miss You, in turn, is about as sophisticated and interesting as a Daniel Arsham sculpture, neat at a glance but vapid upon any extended interrogation."

"He is funny online and in interviews and knows how to grab people’s attention. Without much to grasp with his music, it’s easiest just to stare."

Tags: music / musician (rap and hip-hop), review

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i haven't cared about pitchfork in a long time, but this was the funniest album review i think i've ever read in my LIFE 😂🤣

Wait, I have only just learned who this dude is and this is his second album?
mte I was like "Didn't LNX make this man famous???"
Whose kids?? Idgi
Idg the hype for him at all, he’s so cringe
he deserves it for not knowing who brandy is
his verse on industry baby grew on me but…he needed this humbling ❤️
i just like the line about not peaking in high school and still getting cuter lmao
I listened to this to see what the hype was about and it was awful. Like a watered down, dollar tree Drake. I don’t see him having any longevity
I'm just sick of all the people using his Fergie cover in their Instagram stories
you know i like to dictate things, kim jong

giving me very much keep it running back and forth, soccer team vibes

although i will probably never hear this IRL (unless this segment gets clipped and becomes a trending tiktok audio) so whatever
the fact that people find this man attractive is interesting to me and how I learned who he was.
I hate when someone who didn't achieve much gets cocky, so this was great to see.
Countdown to the inevitable sitdown with Ziwe.
Ziwe challenge him to shave!!
Pitchfork misses a lot, but this was a fun read! lol.
Peppa Pig stays as the superior album
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