dana scully (bellwetherr) wrote in ohnotheydidnt,
dana scully

Elizabeth Olsen Takes A Lie Detector Test for Vanity Fair

Elizabeth Olsen takes a polygraph test for Vanity Fair

Some highlights:
-She lies about liking Licorice Pizza
-[Spoiler (click to open)]She's never met John Krasinski and didn't realize she made a movie with him
-She went to high school with the Haim sisters and thinks she's a better actor than Danielle Haim


She's not my Wanda but oh my God every clip I saw from this had me dying so I needed to share
Tags: elizabeth olsen, marvel

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I mean she is a better actress than Danielle, and she should say it.
lmao i get big vibes she hasn't spoken to Haim since high school
This endeared me so much to her. So glad she was honest and was like yeah duh I’m a better actress lol
"Yes I am a better actress than the person who is a musician and has never acted before!" Like duh!!!
Right? Love that she added that Danielle didn’t have much to do which is also true!!!
This was delightful. She seems really down to earth, especially considering who her sisters are and how wealthy they've been basically their whole lives.
Reminder that she deserved an Oscar nom for Martha Marcy May Marlene (as did John Hawkes) and I remain 🧂 about it.
She's delightful.


May 13 2022, 21:55:20 UTC 1 week ago Edited:  May 13 2022, 21:55:53 UTC

She's so pretty.
And I love her voice.
The acting was good in Licorice Pizza but it was an awful and bizarre movie. I did just see Haim in concert and they were a delight!

I like Elizabeth Olsen a lot.
I saw HAIM recently and got to be in the pit right up front and they are SO SO SO much better live than I ever imagined.
The acting was good in Licorice Pizza but it was an awful and bizarre movie.

Pretty much how I felt. Everyone did a good job but that movie's vibe is just so fucking weird. I was actually sad when it ended not bc it did but bc it totally sucked out my energy.
She's such an old lady, I love it
lmao i know the whole point of this is to be honest but i love that she didn't even try to lie, like by being like "i mean i used to hang out with chris evans but we don't really talk now"

her "beginner stoner" routine made me laugh
Every time someone posts a video of her here I press play with the intention of watching just a bit but I always end up watching the whole thing bc she's so insanely charismatic. She truly has a big star quality.
Her laugh after she said she was a better actress than Danielle took me out

She seems very chill
She just seems like such a fun young-old lady. I was cracking up when they just stopped showing the lie detector while she was going on about what dinner she'd make for her "teachers".
lmao not i’ve never met this man 💀 she seems pleasant


May 14 2022, 00:07:43 UTC 1 week ago Edited:  May 14 2022, 00:07:58 UTC

woof that sounds so snarky but i meant it not sarcastically lol! she seems like a pleasant chill person!
I don't understand how the interviewer doesn't laugh during these things.
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