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Local Man's Twitter Buyout Temporarily On Hold

To make sure fake and spam accounts .... account to less than 5%

There are 1.3 Billion Twitter users, and 5% of that is 65 million accounts, which, well, when you count inactive users, is still a lot.

Twiter has recently suspended hiring and fired a lot of high-ranking employees.

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This tiny dick mother fucker is trying to take Mickey Mouse away from Disney now
He's so full of shit.
Its crisp rat as Mario
5% is clearly an undercount.
I'm sure it's more than that, but I also think it's not as much as we think. We just want to assume that most people aren't complete idiots tweeting the shit they tweet, so they have to be fake, but well...
He's trash, water is wet...
Was nice to Twitter to give him this fake account report out instead of all the other more legit reasons that would tank this deal.
idt the deal is going to go through at this point, mr apartheid emeralds will just fuck off to another pointless rich boy venture
Yeah I don’t see it happening. His big announcements usually amount to nothing
Yup. He’s definitely one of those who says shit like this on impulse, then after thinking about it for a minute, he changes his mind and comes up with a lame excuse.

Just a few minutes ago I was about to hit order on a really cute patio set, but then remembered I should measure first, so that’s sort of the same thing, right.
yep i agree. i think he's back out and lose interest. IMAGINE the workplace culture at twitter my god
Me, walking out of a store where I can't afford anything so the sales staff won't catch on:

"Twitter Incestimated on Friday"

excuse me what
lmao. They needed that period in Inc.
i was very confused for a long time
I'm so glad I blocked him, so I'm not even risking reading his bs on my timeline <3 It's gorgeous.
Lol, oh it costs that much huh...well let me put on my thinking face as I get the fuck out of here.
I really hope this deal ends up not going through
Yes. I can rant and rant and rant some more about how awful Musk is, and also how Twitter is just bad. But truly him being in charge of Twitter is dangerous.
it's not going to
This likely has to do with his Tesla stock prices falling as a result of this potential buyout like... haha
Aren't his assists tied to crypto too and with the recent plummet of bitcoin...
This was what I was thinking when I read it. Hopefully this is exactly what is happening.
can someone buy instagram and fix the algorithm
I don't think there's saving it at this point. More than half my feed are ads or posts from people I don't follow.
You can tell them not to include recommended posts for 30 days, then just do that every 30 days when they pop up again.


1 week ago


1 week ago


1 week ago


1 week ago


1 week ago

completely messed up, i have some posts stay on top for days
yup - I miss when instagram was for stalking people. I've started unfollowing brands to see if I'll see more for my friends and acquaintances.
I genuinely wish Instagram, Twitter and YouTube would get their sh*t together and try to fight bots and spam.
I think you can sort by new posts now instead of however the hell they’re sorting things!
Also it does this thing for me where I open the app, see a new post and then it refreshes and that post just fucking disappears?

It's so bizarre.

It's so hard to navigate it even when you do scroll down it's like 3 day old posts I've already seen but one slide along?
Instagram has always been hot garbage imo, I'm absolutely begging millennials to let it die. And fb for that matter, looking at u gen x
Is this a Practical Magic gif?!? Love that movie!
yaaaas nicole
I think I saw this morning that they fired someone on paternity leave. So messy
Yep, sorta. The GM of Consumer / Head of Product.

It’s against the law to fire someone on family leave. But if he was asked, then agreed to leave based on parachute package terms, then that means he resigned. Terrible nevertheless.

That's not entirely true, if he was going to be let go regardless of being on leave or not, and because the reason is not because he took leave, it's not unlawful. FMLA/CFRA/PFMLA don't exempt someone from being part of a RIF or layoff.

HOWEVER, incredibly wrong of them to do it and ballsy to do in certain states like CA that are incredibly employee friendly. There's no doubt this guy has signed extensive paperwork to promise not to sue.


1 week ago

I think at this point he's gotten the attention he wanted and is now looking for ways to back out.
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