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The Daily Show explains Wordle

ONTD, do you play Wordle? What are your favorite online games, word-based or otherwise?

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I do! I love word games. I do the NYT crossword pretty regularly, I play the Spelling Bee pretty often, I enjoy scrabble and my FIL refuses to play Bananagrams with me bc he doesn't like to lose.


Wordle 209 3/6


My max streak is five and my current streak is five, so I'm really hoping I get it tomorrow.
how are you on the crosswords? I started about 4 months ago and I finally started solvign them. I usually get the Monday and Tuesday ones, and some Wednesdays. Havent got any other day of the week. I tried Sunday once and noped out after like 30 seconds
I'm decent, but it takes a ton of practice to get good at them!

It took me a loooooong time to get beyond doing M/T/W. After lots of frustration and unsolved Th/F/Sa puzzles, I gave myself permission to look at the hints page for clues I was having trouble with, and if I still couldn't figure one out, I'd look up the answer. Then I'd try to solve the rest of the puzzle.

If that clue wasn't enough, I'd look up another. Etc. Usually one or two would be enough for things to fall into place, but sometimes it'd be like ten, lol.

Eventually, this lead to me finishing enough Th/F/Sa puzzles that I could start to get them entirely on my own without help, which was super gratifying. I still have trouble with hard puzzles, especially when I don't realize that one is a rebus or I don't get the theme, but I can make a good effort at just about every day.

Sundays aren't very hard, imo, they're just big. Which is really intimidating!


1 day ago


1 day ago

Is the game actually popular or are they just paying a lot for marketing? I've never heard it until last week my local pop culture/trending news site mentioned it too.
IDK, it isn't an app, it's just some random guy's creation. I'm not sure why it's suddenly getting so much attention.
The NYT wrote an article on how the game started, which got new people playing.
afaik the guy who made this made it for his partner/SO and posted it on reddit so thats probably what made it viral. there are no ads on the website and its looks like a old 90/00's webpage with the puzzle lol.
I saw a lot of people on twitter post their squares before I even knew what it meant so I'd say it's definitely popular
i think it just got popular through word of mouth - everyone posting their squares definitely helped it along.
I feel like it's the same as 2048 where it popped up and genuinely interested enough people.


1 day ago

Popular and as far as I’m concerned there isn’t paid marketing. The guy just made it for his wife. In fact someone else just tried to re-create his game in the App Store people were NOT happy about it haha
It's definitely become popular via word of mouth. Like I've noticed in my circles the growing amount of people playing
i dont play wordle every day, but it's fun and i get why it took off (but tbh i'm terrible at it lol). i never post my score on twitter or whatever tho.

i love word puzzles! i used to do a ton of online crosswords at work to pass the time but now i mostly read instead. the usa today was always my favorite because i could speedrun it bc of its ease + i always liked the pop culture references!


January 14 2022, 20:23:40 UTC 1 day ago Edited:  January 14 2022, 20:26:32 UTC

I just started playing this week and I'm hooked. I'm terrible at anagrams so this feels like a good workout for my brain. Although it's mildly giving me flashbacks to logic games from the LSAT lol.

Also does everyone always use the same first word every day?
I have a rotation of words i start out w lol! Its like RSTLNE
I use different first words, but always ones with five different letters - great, drown, swear, etc
I start with DINER every day. One day it'll be right.
I always start with TABLE idk.
wait literally me too hahah every single day
I’ve been using Apple for the past few times, idk why
I use the same first word every day lol. I start with “abuse” usually. Sometimes I’ll switch it up and start with “irate”, but I get anxious whenever I don’t use abuse lmao


1 day ago

i read somewhere that ADIEU is one of the best words to start with, so i've been using that.
i'm always like "i should think of my own good starting word" but then i suddenly can't remember any 5 letter words with a good number of vowels in that moment lol



I always start with ROAST


1 day ago


January 14 2022, 21:18:10 UTC 1 day ago Edited:  January 14 2022, 21:18:49 UTC

lately I start with RENTS and then usually follow with OUIJA. it takes up an extra row to use 2 starters, but it also helps narrow down the vowels easily.

today it helped me win on the 3rd row!
I start with swing because I like getting 'ing' and 's' out of the way and then if none of those letters pop I do beard. I feel like that covers enough of the common letters that I have a good shot at getting the word.
i start with 'TEARS' or 'RAISE' usually because i feel like it gets some vowels either in and out + r and s.

that being said i've always been terrible at word games / scrabble / anagrams so i still do terribly lmao.



my first few games i did dream, but i've switched to great and it covers a good breadth of possibility imo
I always start with BUTTS

Can't break old habits, I suppose.
i try whatever pops into my head that morning! it works well.
I don’t feel right unless I start with TRAIN
i use atone or adore most of the time. unite is also ok. basically words with at least 3 vowels.
HOUSE, because that's the word i think of when i have to think of a word in english lol
I missed the word today, but I did get much closer than yesterday.
It's basically Lingo lol

But yes I do play, in both English and Dutch
I play that terrible Microsoft Ultimate Word Games app that came with Windows 10 more often than I care to admit, so Wordle is right up my weirdo alley.


January 14 2022, 20:58:39 UTC 1 day ago Edited:  January 14 2022, 20:58:57 UTC

Lmao same, but mine is broken??? I get some kind of 0x4635y45twyaet error when I try to open it
That sucks. Have you tried uninstalling and reinstalling?
i’m terrible at word games but i am enjoying wordle a lot.
I could have gotten today's in 2, but I guessed the other 5-letter word that starts with those 4 letters. Damn you, [Spoiler (click to open)]tango.
IDK how people get it in less than 3 guesses.
That's usually how many I need to figure out which letters are where. I've mostly gotten it in 4 tries.
same! mine was
I think its fun, sometimes i forget to play it. I havent missed any yet though.

The bf likes to remind me of it so he can sit next to me and help though lol, i think i like it most for that bc hes so funny abt it. He'll be like "CANAL....oh wait theres no N....DRIVE...oh wait the I is not there....MI-- NO WAIT FLI-- NO-- dammit i dont know, im sorry i couldnt help 😭"
I started 6 days ago and I really enjoy it. I think I've gotten two 3s, two 4s, and two 5s.
I love this game. It's a quick fun thing to do to kick off my day

I'm on an 11 day streak, going to suck when that breaks
the first time i tried it i put in "queer" for no real reason and was only one letter off because the word that day happened to be "query"
I love wordle.
14 day streak here and got it in two today!

Wordle 209 2/6*


I actually find hard mode makes it easier but maybe that’s just how my brain works.
Ia abt hard mode, otherwise i would waste guesses on things i know are wrong but help me find letters
Mine's so close to yours for today!! Mine was:


Curious what your first guess was, please? :D
Train! and then kind of deduced it was likely to start TAN- and then tangy was the first word that popped in my head :)



i don’t actually set it to hard mode, but that’s how I play. it helps to think of words it could be!
i only heard about this today from a tweet on my TL. the guy who created made it for his partner and never wanted to profit off it. so of course some other dude did but had to take down his copycat app.

Shakked also says that he spoke to Wardle and offered to license the idea, work together to develop an official app, or pay him a percentage of any profit, which Wardle reportedly declined. Shakked also claims that he told Wardle that he would “consider changing the name” before the app was removed entirely.

Wardle, for what it’s worth, has already been extremely clear about the idea of monetizing Wordle (which, as he explained in a New York Times interview, was originally created as a gift for his partner). “I think people kind of appreciate that there’s this thing online that’s just fun,” Wardle said. “It’s not trying to do anything shady with your data or your eyeballs. It’s just a game that’s fun.”
That guy's tweets were outrageous. He literally didn't seem to understand why what he did was so shitty.
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