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Kpop Post: Momoland, OnlyOneOf,Kep1er…

The girls of Momoland enlist Natti Natasha for their full English track “Yummy Yummy Love”

After releasing last year scandalous “libidO” (part of my best of 2021 list) boygroup OnlyOneOf releases their MV for “skinz”

The girls from Kep1er scored their first win on a music show

Taeyong,Jeno,Hendery, YangYang and Giselle have a stage for their track “Zoo”

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Kep1er got their second win today! I really am happy for Yujin. Wa Da Da is still stuck in my head lmao. I’m on the verge of making a Xiaoting icon tbh. I also watched an episode of their predebut show and I thought they were all cute. I like Xiaoting, Hikaru and Bahiyyih tbh ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

I’m trying to understand what MLD is doing with Momoland tbh. Don’t they have a new gg coming out this year too?
💕E-Boy Jeno🥰😍

Taeyong is really great at group choreo tbh
how do they get sunglasses to stay on like that whilst dancing lol

i hope momoland can land another hit but i don't see it happening right now. they deserve justice !!
MLD is ready to debut a new girl group really soon and once they do momoland is gonna get dungeoned indefinitely lol...
im trying to remain positive sis !!!


1 day ago

momoland is literally a husk of their former selves it's so sad to see them like...THIS.

kep1er getting music show wins despite having basically 0 general public backing (as evident with their digital scores) is such a SUCCESSICA moment!!!!!!!! again i did not vote for these girlies for 12 weeks to have them FLOP.
The kep1er song is so unbelievably bad and it’s performing dismally on streaming, so I’m surprised it got a win.
It’s fun!!! Except the Ohh ohh ohh part
their physical sales hard carried them tbh
agreeeeeeeed its kinda hilarious how bad its performing in comparison to sales. even internattionally the streams are really low they just had a few REALLY rich fans who bought hundreds upon hundreds of cds
I do not like the ~concept/styling for the Yummy Yummy Love video. Also it feels like a B-side.
kepler's song is so bad but xiaoting is very cute
They got their 2nd win~ so happy for them, and I've been watching some of their variety contet, they're very cute. Xiaoting continues to be my bias, and at this point I should look for an icon of hers 🥰
I didn’t watch any of the show but are debating whether to start it post debut because I adore kep1er’s mini. And have also fallen in love with Xiaoting.

Jeno is the light of my life. He’s not the best rapper or singer but I love his performance factor. Boy has FACE. Also yes Giselle sweetie give me nothing!