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L.A. Times Actress Roundtable


-L.A times released their full actress roundtable that includes SAG nominees and Bafta Longlist contenders Jennifer Hudson and Lady Gaga.

-Tessa Thompson, Kristen Stewart(Bafta longlist), Penelope Cruz and SAG nominee and Bafta Longlist contender Kirsten Dunst also are interviewed.
Tags: awards season, jennifer hudson, kirsten dunst, kristen stewart, lady gaga, penelope cruz, tessa thompson

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i want to watch these roundtables but whenever there is an odd inclusion i can't bring myself to watch. like i know gaga is gonna give me second hand embarrassment.
just seeing her in the still is too much. the pink neon tone screams edm music video
Tessa Thompson also doesnt belong imo shes awful in Passing
i haven't seen that one but that's sad to hear. maybe her niche is quirky characters like the one she played in sorry to bother you.
I usually find her middling to not great but thought she was amazing in Passing

She comes off bland in a lot of roles unfortunately. Girl can act. Idk what happened

she was fine but ruth negga SHINED and should be here instead. idk why they're treating her as supporting, their characters felt pretty equally weighted to me?


1 day ago


1 day ago

Ruth eclipsed her for sure. She's fine and I think in general what works for her is when she's being comedic/sarcastic, but she came off really flat next to Andre and Ruth.
Why is Lady Gaga there??
Isn't she a journalist now?
That moment where Gaga mentioned feeling drunk from prop alcohol was SO cringeworthy, but at the same time I've definitely felt drunk after an O'douls so oop me


January 14 2022, 19:13:59 UTC 1 day ago Edited:  January 14 2022, 19:15:00 UTC

The awkward pause between all of them after she asked if anyone feels drunk off the prop drinks was so funny to me 🤣. And Kirsten’s little 🥴 mouth twitch ahaha
Haven’t watched yet, but I am pretty sure that Kstew and Kdunst are on the BAFTA long list as well, right?
Yes! Thank you, I fixed it!
ooh let me watch

i just know gaga is going to give the girls cringe vibes
is there a front runner yet for the oscar?
Everything's up in the air since KStew was snubbed at SAG, but people are saying Nicole Kidman
i'm zooted and Gaga's hunger for attention is so cringeworthy
like i got chills two or three times
why is kstew doing the thinking justing bieber instagram hands lol
That was alright. I did laugh when Gaga interrupted the conversation to apologize that she wasn't participating much lmao
Every single reaction here is golden.
KStew trying so hard to act interested in other people is fun.
I'm cackling. As promised by this line-up, at several times, K(ir/ri)sten were really hitting Gaga with the

All of these accomplished actresses were really giving Gaga, world-famous pop superstar-cum-war photojournalist-cum-Gucci, a mini tutorial on how to act. When you've got Royal Ghost Medium, Ms. Steal Yo Girl herself, Kristen Stewart sending subs at you about not torturing yourself to play pretend, which she learned in her early 20s and you're already in your 7th life, you're forced to reassess.

The Koons was everyone.