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Inventing Anna | Official Trailer | Netflix

This whole story is completely true. Except for all of the parts that are totally made up. Created by Shondaland, Inventing Anna, starring Emmy Award-Winning actress, Julia Garner, premieres February 11 only on Netflix.

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she looks and sounds exactly like her
Julia’s coming for her second Emmy, it’ll be a good race to see her vs zendaya (presuming she gets nominated for euphoria which she almost certainly will)
I think they’ll be in different categories, Julia will be nominated for a limited series
I swear this was a book? The title sounds really familiar.
the book was "my friend anna" if that rings a bell maybe
There was a vogue or vf article about her a couple of years ago.
The main friend who got scammed wrote a book abt it all with the same title
this wasn't a great trailer imo. i'm definitely going to watch, though.
ia, if i wasn't already interested/aware then this wouldn't have intrigued me
lol I’m so in
Laci Mosley must be super excited about this lol.
She's a total narcissist who loves all this attention her scam brings her, I wish people would stop giving her attention. Imagine being scammed by her and watching all these people be like "yasss queen, you go girl!"

She pulled a run of the mill bank scam and fooled some very naive new money people who wanted to use her as much as she was using them. She's not a genius, I see people who get away with what she did like everyday lmaooo
Apparently she was extremely kind and generous to waitstaff, the help, etc. She was very generous to the woman who was either the bartender or the concierge of the hotel she was staying at. And unlike a lot of people she wasn't out here scamming poor folks, so I'm like whatever. There was a guy that she borrowed money from for a weekend that she didn't pay and he just wrote it off because "it was only 5 grand." And didn't she mostly scam banks?
One of her "victims" was broke, iirc. Had to cover their trip to Morocco or something and she was stressing out bc she couldn't cover it


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I mean she stuck a ton of her "friends" with the bill and not all of them were well off. I mean, are we just saying it's okay to be openly deceptive about who you are now? I know we hate banks, but she scammed a lot of businesses (hotels, people who worked for her), it wasn't just the banks.

If you want to stan this person, be my guest lol


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> She was very generous to the woman who was either the bartender or the concierge of the hotel she was staying at.

I think you're talking about Neff, the concierge and it's definitely true that she gave her a ton of money (there was one account where Neff said she was in the middle of helping another guest and Anna like... came and just started silently counting out money until Neff went over and paid attention to her).

TBH.... I didn't get the impression that Anna was all that kind/nice, but she was generous with her money so people didn't mind. It also seems like she was very equal opportunity about who she "scammed" for better or worse. Like there was the guy who forgot about 5 grand, then there was 60 grand from the variety editor who didn't make that much in a year (and I'm not saying she was like... a... pure victim or whatever, but still). Like, she invited Neff on that trip too and even suggested she quit her job to go on the vacation... so she was very much willing to scam everyone.
her friend she scammed may not have been poor but she wasnt rich and personally had to pay back like 80 thousand dollars. this isnt a robin hood situation. shes a bad person
Lol what?? It’s pretty easy to be kind and generous with other people’s money! Was she as generous with the staff when it came from money she didn’t steal?


1 day ago



Will be watching. Shonda better deliver on this trainwreck.
At least this got the scammer hair better than the elizabeth holmes one. It looks kind of flat? It doesn’t look that great but I will watch it anyway. I thought Anna Delvey was german? The actor playing her sounded kind of australian/british in the trailer
I think she was Russian pretending to be German iirc, so I'm sure the accent is supposed to be a little artificial sounding
IIRC, she was from Russia, but her family moved to Germany when she was a teen. IDK if she played up her accent or not.
This looks like a fun, soapy watch but that accent is so terrible that it's distracting.
I can't wait
This looks fun.. her accent is cute

I heard the book wasn't good :(

I wouldn't be into this at all if it didn't star Julia Garner, but since it does, I'm DEF watching
Omg wtf is that accent lmao
Also omg stewie! I’m glad he’s staying in rich people circles
And Ders!

The journalist that wrote the vanity fair article did a really bad job cause in the end I was like okay Anna sucks but also this chick was totally fine going along with her shady ways as long as it wasn’t her money they was impacted
That accent was wild, does Anna talk like that??
Yes lol
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