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Baby Shark becomes YouTube's most-watched video of all time

* The video for the infectious children’s tune from Pinkfong passed the 10 billion mark on Thursday (Jan. 13), increasing the gap between it and No. 2 video, Luis Fonsi’s “Despacito” featuring Daddy Yankee.

* The hit video was released in June 2016, and gained a foothold thanks to a viral dance challenge. It debuted on the Billboard Hot 100 at No. 32 — the song’s peak — on the Jan. 12, 2019.

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A more accurate title for this post would be "passes 10 billion". Your post is technically right too, it's just gained more views to be the first video to pass that mark.
I never heard this song until I watched Ted Lasso
“Baby Shark” is a cultural touchstone at this point. I remember singing it at summer camps as a kid growing up - the song was released in 2016.

So a what, 18 year old suddenly has a job at Verge?
the more you know.gif
Yeah I remember singing this song at school and I'm in my thirties!
Yeah, my friends and I had a whole inside joke based around it in high school. I'm 30. I've always been surprised to see it suddenly become a huge thing.
I remember my friend singing it in high school and I graduated in 1994.
I sang it when I was a camp counselor in 2011.

I'm also bitter because this version (from the bit I've heard) is so clean. In our version the shark attacks them, you have to give CPR, and then they die. And, in our YMCA camp, we would finish with "go to heaven do do do do do do....maybe not do do do do do" which was personally very funny to me.

I guess it's not child friendly and maybe parents don't like that, but the camp kids loved it.


1 day ago


1 day ago

it was a camp song for me growing up! we even had an ending that's different from the youtube video ending that involved someone being eaten by the shark, having to get cpr, and then flying up to heaven lol
Baby shark were my niece's second words after saying mama. It's nuts. I hate it.


January 14 2022, 17:47:15 UTC 1 day ago Edited:  January 14 2022, 17:47:50 UTC

meanwhile Ponytail stays slapping

Badanamu is slept on for real. Should be getting those pinkfong numbers.

Omg wait!!!! Not the pengus POPPIN AND LOCKIN!
So is this where the money is? Making songs for toddlers?
I think it is. If you have any sort of animation skills and know anyone who can sing The Wheels on the Bus or Old MacDonald you'd probably start making money in a month.

Those Cocomelon videos are hideous and soooo popular.
Those are banned in our house. I'm not a total kids-cartoon-hater or anything but cocomelon is brainless drivel.


1 day ago

I always think about and episode of Victorious where they become viral for making a kids song about food, and they are all mad because they want to be "serious" musicians; I would always think about how much money they would have made going all in on the kids songs route, there's sooo much money in that businesses.


1 day ago

my niece loves singing so she loves cocomelon vids.

But those vids don't make sense. Sometimes the babies are acting like babies and sometimes they aren't in the span of the same song. I don't like the lack of continuity.
have you seen the KNOCK OFF cocomelon? I thought cocomelon was bad enough...
Absolutely. Toddlers get obsessed with shit very easily. They don't want to hear a song once, they want to hear it 20 times in a row, non stop.
I told my husband (musician) this and we even have a tune that we joke would be the perfect baby song but he won't listen to meeeee and record it (i have a horrific singing voice). i wanna quit my job, dude needs to recognize!
toddlers are more likely to watch the same youtube videos repeatedly...kpop stans could NEVER!
That gif... "run away"? In water?
This is wholesome somehow XD
My nephew is responsible for at least a thousand of those.
Mine too.
Before my kid was born I was so determined that she would only listen to good music and not little kid stuff like this. She saw this all of once and was hooked. I do a pretty good version with her stuffed panda.
Chris Bellew from the Presidents of the United States of America makes children's music now and it's great! It very much sounds like PUSA, lol.

Also the Imagination Movers makes great music. Their show reminds me of The Monkees.
I suggest yo gabba gabba if it’s available to stream anywhere. Great music
I love this little song and every single time I've hummed it around a parent they looked like they were about to kill me lol Which is understandable obvs but always makes me laugh.
Lmao I know parents and caregivers are tired
Is it bad that I kinda like the song? lol
This is such a good example of group dynamics and confidence tbh


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