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Kylie Jenner becomes the most followed woman on Instagram and the second most followed person

The entrepreneur and youngest sister from the famous family has broken another mark for social media, becoming the world’s most followed woman on the famous social media app, with over 300 million followers.

This also turned her into the second most followed person, only behind to Portuguese soccer player, Cristiano Ronaldo, with more than 390 million followers, the third spot belonging to also soccer player, Argentinian, Lionel Messi.

As for the other most followed women, Ariana grande and Selena Gomez round up the top for the most followed women.

Do you have many followers, ONTD?

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Or some inanimate expensive object like Platinum, Onyx or Golden.
Vulcan. I feel like she's into Roman mythology, plus it kinda connects with Stormi.
What are the other names of Donald's mistresses?
gonna take the non-weather opposite of Stormi and say Serene
such a great episode
It was shot in my city and I get giddy every time I pass by a location.


1 day ago


1 day ago

I think that was the best season of Black Mirror, sucks that the show went to shit.
Thats insanity to me.
Lol this kpop ass stat


January 14 2022, 16:37:52 UTC 1 day ago Edited:  January 14 2022, 16:46:05 UTC

I can’t hate because, while I’m a 40 year old ugly disabled loner, she is out there with love, family, success, and bank.
Perspective: She was literally born into a wealthy family and the world is designed for wealthy people to become wealthier. She also has admitted to taking hundreds of selfies to get the perfect shot (like what in the world is that) and she lets a disrespectful man stay into her life so all her kids can have the same deadbeat dad. Ms. Kylie is not doing all that well.
We all need to really start reevaluating what success looks like.
Thankfully my Nana is still with me after my Tata (grandpa) passed away in 2020 from covid. She told me she was having a phone conversation with a younger woman. The woman told my Nana she must feel so unaccomplished in life because she doesn’t have a degree or anything to show.
My Nana said she responded to the woman saying “I know I may not ever have had the most fancy job, owned a big house or driven a luxury vehicle. But I am 78 have had no major health issues and I’ve gotten to live to raise my children, see my grandchildren, and my great grandchildren. I have traveled but not the most. My husband and I chose to invest our time and energy into our growing family and each other. We never regretted the money or time we spent on our family. I feel I’ve lived a successful life.”

After I heard my Nana say that it really made me think about myself and how hard I am on myself and how much pressure I put on myself to be successful to the standards of others. We get sold that we can have it all when not all of can and that’s okay. We all don’t access to the same things. We can push and try and that’s good but being accepting of your limitations at times can help you break barriers as it allows you to approach things differently. Having frustrated energy 24/7 because life is unfair (because it really is!) isn’t healthy or helpful to ourselves.


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1 day ago

She's also very obviously deeply insecure and seems to hate herself though. She's rich but her life seems empty
Love is probably a stretch tbh
You say that, but i bet if you look past her online persona you're really the one with more confidence. Her entire family is extremely insecure.

I mean, maybe? She's also deeply repulsed by what she sees in the mirror, going by how careful she is to make sure absolutely no one sees her without makeup and the plastic surgery she keeps getting.

It's definitely a gilded cage she's living in.
Also, I know disability comes with a set of challenges that this dumb world could make easier, but doesn't, and I'm sorry about that. But Kylie Jenner is over-resourced and she can't tell her head from her ass without a surgeon's help. It's just not a fair to you to compare your life with hers.
You may be an "ugly disabled loner" (and I bet that's not all true) but I bet you are an intelligent woman with some interests that don't include the internet and life skills, and if you had her resources you could do great things. She is a vapid, empty individual who has made posing for Instagram her life's work and has no goals or discernible skills with enormous resources to be better, yet she chooses not to. So don't judge yourself harshly.
Nah sis that's all an illusion.

IRL her baby daddy has committed manslaughter and won't marry her but has side pieces on standby, her family is full of narcissists who secretly hate each other, her "successes" are grifting "businesses" that are crumbling and doing terribly, and her wealth is also fake and tacky AF.
Coming out of my hiatus to say, FRIEND!
I can tell you for this girl might have that stuff on the outside, but to what end? She's 24 with enough unnecessary surgery done to her that she's made a whole other person out of herself, her entire (racist) empire is built having no personality beyond acting exactly like her blackfishing sisters, and she's gone on record saying she's afraid of getting older than 30 (???). And to add on top of all that, her trash of a cheating baby father got several folks killed and she could barely muster any support before absolving both of their emotional bankrupted asses of any wrongdoing.

I don't mean to dismiss your feelings at all, but also don't think you should compare yourself, struggles and all, to someone who only clout is things. You seem like a lovely person and Kylie has set herself up to be a passing fad, who wants that


1 day ago

Don't do this sis. She has serious issues of her own, she was born into wealth and her "family" are nothing but blood suckers.
I get what you’re saying and where you’re coming from, but the comparison is just so unfair. She was born into a wealthy family in a world that is designed to only support the wealthy. She, specifically, is someone who got very lucky and that’s all. She’s put in zero real work or effort into getting to where she’s gotten. Taking 233 selfies to get that 1 good shot isn’t really working. It’s impossible to compare a person like you, who’s had to work to get anywhere, and someone like her, who never had to work and will never need to.
Ughhhh. I just…I’m too tired to say more than that.
Why tho? All the Kardashian/Jenner's are so incredibly boring, all those slow motions videos, with the dead eyes...just staring at themselves.
For what though?

I have 85 followers on insta and almost all of them are people I know.
Ya I'm always trying to follow more celebs but I get bored and unfollow after a few months
I follow a few celebs but if they get too much into sponcon, I drop them. I can't be bothered with that much shilling
Yes and in my case, they're not the same followers I have on Twitter or FB
DeuxMoi wrote that there are rumblings that Kylie had her baby already along with Masons side account starring the rumblings. Any word yet on the names? My best guess would be Trample Jenner-Scott.
Follow her off a cliff you lemmings!
Humanity is lost.

I have 630 followers (most of those came from a video I posted years ago and I ended up getting like
500 followers in day. My peak was 800s

I get about 80-100 views per story.

One of my goals this year is to try to increase my following but I need to start posting reels. I would like to become a ~travel influencer so eventually I could quit my job, retire somewhere and still have a source of income that way
nice to know global warming isn't the only issue that's an uphill battle.
Nice to know global warming will wipe most of us out. Her amount of followers is a pretty big indictment that we failed as a race.
COVID really took over the world. People really have no taste whatsoever.

this is going to be in the running of comment of the year.
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