sasha (blood_pressures) wrote in ohnotheydidnt,

FKA Twigs' CAPRISONGS is out + ride the dragon mv

sources: 1, 2

capricorns, how are you feeling?
Tags: fka twigs, music video

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Oh she really is going pop >:D!

I almost wish the rest of the video would’ve stayed in b&w cause I liked the 90s throwback feel of it but it was still cool.
I'm at work so I can't listen properly until on the way home but I saw someone on Twitter post the preview from the other day and say 'how am I supposed to tell her and Tinashe apart *now*' AND I JUST! 🥴🤣

I really like this song tho and the ones she released early so I'm ready to experience this in full when I can.
I really love tears in the club so im checking this out!
I find her voice so soothing, I'm excited to listen to the album
amazing, beautiful, perfect, innovative, queen of pop, etc
aesthetically, i don't know what she's doing. but i'll listen to the album tonight.
The streets need a twigs x Tinashe collab asap.
the way i would d i s i n t e r g r a t e!!!!! asljdfksh
Maybe if we mention it in every Twigs post it will happen 🤞🏽🤞🏽🤞🏽🤞🏽🤞🏽
i'm fucking with this mixtape heavyyyyyyy
I really liked her detailed write up about the album and how it came about. Its quite different from her previous albums and I do like some songs but some just aren't weird enough for me XD
where did she post it? twitter?


1 day ago

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I love careless & lightbeamers!
lightbeamers is an instant fave!
yeahhh this is the fucking ONE!

the papi pacify reference, i live
shygirl elevates every song she's on!
i'm so fucking obsessed with her


1 day ago

good for her trying a new sound, but I hate it :(
I'm listening to it for the second time and I love it. It's such a departure from Magdelene, but it is so much fun to me.

Honda, Tears in the Club are Papi Bones are my faves so far.
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