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Gaga continues doing the most on her award campaign

Tags: award show - academy awards, lady gaga

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Kirsten ans JHud 😭😭😭😭😭😭 Kirsten always suffering on these campaigns
blankstare JHud is a new icon for you
JHud in pure disbelief that Gaga is being treated as a respectable actor. Me too J, me too
she has the BEST polite/uncomfortable facial expressions lmao
After this and the LVT Cannes press conference, kiki dunst could create a react channel and I would sure be subscribed!
Whoever is behind Gaga's PR campaign that turned her into a ~serious acting artiste~ should do communications for the Democrats because Lord they can get the public to believe anything
Okay I don’t think that’s that dumb lol.
Its like a 16 year old bragging abt acting drunk on apple juice
But I guess the difference is Gaga is admitting it’s not real but like a psychological trick in ~feeling~ like you’re drunk just because you drank what looks like alcohol, rather than her saying she got wasted off the prop drinks and someone being like “um gaga those weren’t real though”.

But I was expecting something super cringe along the lines of that ‘all it takes is one person in the room to believe in you’ or whatever it was so I almost felt relief in seeing this is all it was.


1 day ago


1 day ago

lmaooooo I love awards szn gaga so much
People complain but at least Gaga is upfront about her intentions.

Plus her the ridiculousness is fun.
People would be bitching about it being a boring awards season without gaga, the whole concept is camp as hell anyway so might as well lean in and enjoy it
say whatever the hell else you want about gaga but she is a PERFORMER to her core and her ridiculousness is harmless, so we might as well enjoy the show! she cracks me tf up lol


1 day ago

same im always so entertained by the random shit she says in these interviews lmao
i can hear this gif
Lol she’s just so extra, bless her
Meh this is nothing for L.Gaga lol

Lol Kirsten’s reaction is sending me. All of them are!!
I’m Kiki for sure.
96.94% of us are Kiki.

The rest are definitely on another planet. I'll never take Gaga seriously as an artist. Ever. I can't stand KStew but I'll take her awkwardness before Gaga's ego.
I like how ridiculous gaga can be
With Gaga I'm always between "god no stop it please" and "lol that's insane you go girl"
i watch a new reaction each time! it's amazing.
kiki gets the oscar for the head tilt and acting like she's contemplating gaga's stmt
Jennifer Hudson is me when forced to spend extended periods of time in large groups of white people. I stan.
This is hilarious. I can't stop watching it.
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