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New Music Friday – January 14, 2022

Featuring new music by Aluna with Diplo and Durante, Aly & AJ, Avril Lavigne feat. blackbear, BAYNK, Bonobo, BROODS, Cat Power, Cordae, Earl Sweatshirt, FKA twigs, Kiiara, The Lumineers, MAX CHANGMIN, Metronomy, MIRAE, Muse, Raveena, Röyksopp, The Wombats and yeule


Bonobo, Fragments

Cat Power, Covers

Cordae, From a Birds Eye View

Earl Sweatshirt, Sick!


The Lumineers, BRIGHTSIDE


MIRAE, Marvelous (EP)

The Wombats, Fix Yourself, Not the World

[Singles]Aluna - "Forget About Me" (with Diplo & Durante)

Aly & AJ - "Dead on the Beach"

Avril Lavigne - "I Love It When You Hate Me" (feat. blackbear)

BROODS - "Like a Woman"

Kiiara - "Closer"

Metronomy - "Things Will Be Fine"

Muse - "Won't Stand Down"

Raveena - "Rush"

Röyksopp - "The Ladder"

yeule - "Too Dead Inside"

Happy Friday, ONTD! What's everybody listening to today?
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Dead on the Beach was dreamy but felt so short.

I was just thinking about royksopp the other day. Im glad they’re back, the song is pretty good too.
My rotation for this week includes Halsey’s extended, glass animals and lots of Fiona Apple for some reason.

Happy Friday everyone!

I saw Aluna live a few years back. So much talent. She was DJing AND performing. Queen. But....stop working with Diplo babe.
people really slept on her solo album/alunageorge in general
Here for Raveena
i've been listening to the new Stromae on loop. can't wait for the album to come out!

I listened to Vengaboys and Basement Jaxx while doing some cleaning yesterday. It made it fun 😅. Other than that, I've been listening to a lot of AJJ, Harley Poe, Days N Daze, Chumbawamba and Ben Folds this week.
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Omg Raveena's mv gives Bollywood vibes 😍 Still mad I couldn't see her live bc of COVID
Devil is sooo good
i love it! i'm obsessed with "chocolate" rn too, somehow i never heard it until this week lol.
I love the whole mini, I love it more than his chocolate minu
this new muse song is a disastuh
just started CAPRISONGS by fka twigs and what a fucking viiiiiibe
New song from The Darcys is pretty good. It came out back in October but finally got on my radar (They are also very good live)

Just hit play on the Cat Power album... all covers! I wish more artists did cover albums, I fucking love them. Not every song, of course, there are a ton of bad covers out there. But I really enjoy a different spin on a fave, or even falling in love with an older song via a cover.
i think this is her second covers album. she did a rendition of "(i can't get no) satisfaction" that i've loved for years.
ahh, yeah, just went back and found it! ty for the heads up.
I’ve been listening to Devil (the album) on repeat since it dropped and it’s got me even more eager for TVXQ’s comeback (whenever that is). But the MV is pure art and the vocals are…

But I’m also living at people’s posts about TVXQ, their strongest soldier, being lost to the kwangya war.
what is a kwangya lol
Kwangya (광야) literally translates to wilderness in Korean, but in this sense, it’s a place that exists within the SMCU (SM Cultural Universe).

In other words, it’s a place within the shared stories of SM groups. Each group has their own stories, but Kwangya is something that’s shared between them. It’s been mentioned in NCT U’s 90s Love, Aespa’s Black Mamba, Savage, etc… and now Changmin’s Devil.

If I keep going there will be an essay because I like the whole theory thing involved with it.

Here’s a video that has the basics:
i knew i heard him say it 😂


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