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Letitia Wright returns to Black Panther II set months after accident

She's back! Letitia Wright has resumed filming on the Black Panther sequel

Wright's Princess of Wakanda character is expected to play a bigger part in the blockbuster's sequel

Tags: actor / actress, black celebrities, marvel, slow news day

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Try to add some more tags next time, OP. I have faith in you, like Letitia in Christ.
Well at least the film won’t be delayed bc of this I guess? For now?
did she get vaccinated tho lmao
I’d assume so as I don’t see how she would get into the US otherwise.
i thought they fired her?
Definitely not cause I read the article and it mentions the bosses being very enthusiastic about her return!
i must be misremembering gossip as fact or something! i thought for sure they were recasting bc she wouldn't get vaccinated


1 day ago


1 day ago

No. clickbait headlines.
Glad to see she’s recovered, I had no idea she had suffered concussion with severed side effects D:!

I wondered if she’s been vaxxed or are they letting her slip by 👀
Maybe it’s a Little Nicky situation and the blow to the head set her right.
Technically without a medical exemption she can’t get into the country with out being vaccinated. Disney doesn’t require people on their sets to be vaccinated yet though so who knows
how disappointing
It’s going to be much less enjoyable watching knowing what she’s like.
hopefully she's vaccinated now.
saw the lifestyle options on the christian evangelical "celeb" circuit vs the marvel one huh
I guess God really must be on her side bc any other black actress pulling her shenanigans would've been shut down very quickly.
Yeah but they’re in a difficult position with Chadwick’s passing.
I mean the only “shenanigans” ever confirmed about her were her own weird anti vax tweets almost two years ago and was that she suffered an accident on set and had to heal before coming back. Everything else was just rumors and hearsay. I don’t think Disney would lie about an accident happening, it makes them look bad. Idk as many times as we’ve seen actresses being labeled difficult and problematic just based on rumors until a legit sources back it up, I’m still willing to give her the benefit of the doubt and hope she changed her mind about vaccinations 🤷🏻‍♂️
She also posted a video with xenophobic & transphobic content, and was schooled by Don Cheadle if memory serves me right, but eventually doubled down with bullshit about how asking questions 'gets you cancelled'. I'm not willing to give any Jesus freak the benefit of the doubt tbh. I also dont't think there's any lie about the accident, I'm just surprised they're giving her another chance after she's proven to be a complete idiot with dangerous opinions since that type of leniency is usually only reserved for white actors.


1 day ago


1 day ago

What she said about the vaccine is enough. Not to mention no one said she was difficult to work with. She was however a danger to everyone working with her. Plus those insane religious tweets.

you vaxxed yet, Leticia?
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