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Novaxx Djocovid's visa cancelled. Will return to detention tomorrow morning awaiting hearing

The Australian government has recancelled Novaxx Djocovid's visa on Friday evening and intends to deport him. This decision by Immigration Minister Alex Hawke means another legal challenge is the tennis number one's only hope of participating in the Australian Open.

If Djocovid's legal challenge fails, he also likely faces a three-year ban on obtaining a new Australian visa.

The unvaccinated tennis champion (whose dad thinks he's both Jesus and Spartacus) had earlier vowed to challenge any further cancellations of his visa, despite him lying on immigration forms and either faking having covid or exposing children to the virus by swanning around after testing "positive" in mid-December.


Prime Minister Scott Morrison’s office has also sent a message to all MPs instructing them to not talk publicly about the Djokovic saga for now.

A directions hearing for Novak Djokovic’s legal challenge is currently taking place (started at 8.45pm Melbourne time). The court is broadcasting this hearing from its YouTube channel (Federal Circuit and Family Court of Australia).

Immigration officials will interview Djocovid at 8am on Saturday morning and he won't be detained before then. However, despite his lawyers asking for him to be able to stay in his "comfortable accommodation", he will be detained after this interview. He will stay in detention for the duration, other than for meetings with lawyers (where he will be escorted by ABF officers) and the hearing taking place "hopefully" on Sunday.

In the hearing, Judge Kelly flagged the case will be bumped up to be heard by the Federal Court, instead of the Federal Circuit Court. This means a different judge.

Source. Update source

This post is brought to you by that time Novaxx hit a line judge in the throat at the US Open.
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