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Novaxx Djocovid's visa cancelled. Will return to detention tomorrow morning awaiting hearing

The Australian government has recancelled Novaxx Djocovid's visa on Friday evening and intends to deport him. This decision by Immigration Minister Alex Hawke means another legal challenge is the tennis number one's only hope of participating in the Australian Open.

If Djocovid's legal challenge fails, he also likely faces a three-year ban on obtaining a new Australian visa.

The unvaccinated tennis champion (whose dad thinks he's both Jesus and Spartacus) had earlier vowed to challenge any further cancellations of his visa, despite him lying on immigration forms and either faking having covid or exposing children to the virus by swanning around after testing "positive" in mid-December.


Prime Minister Scott Morrison’s office has also sent a message to all MPs instructing them to not talk publicly about the Djokovic saga for now.

A directions hearing for Novak Djokovic’s legal challenge is currently taking place (started at 8.45pm Melbourne time). The court is broadcasting this hearing from its YouTube channel (Federal Circuit and Family Court of Australia).

Immigration officials will interview Djocovid at 8am on Saturday morning and he won't be detained before then. However, despite his lawyers asking for him to be able to stay in his "comfortable accommodation", he will be detained after this interview. He will stay in detention for the duration, other than for meetings with lawyers (where he will be escorted by ABF officers) and the hearing taking place "hopefully" on Sunday.

In the hearing, Judge Kelly flagged the case will be bumped up to be heard by the Federal Court, instead of the Federal Circuit Court. This means a different judge.

Source. Update source

This post is brought to you by that time Novaxx hit a line judge in the throat at the US Open.
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Six users made a post about this so the queue is empty again.

Australia going round circle with being the place criminals were sent to to deporting them 👌


January 14 2022, 08:55:54 UTC 2 days ago Edited:  January 14 2022, 08:56:26 UTC

It is tradition.

Oh, you wallabies. Weirdos.
That shit with Sinatra was wild


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Johnny Depp and Amber heard were 100% in the wrong for sneaking those dogs in tho.
Australia is an island nation with vulnerable wildlife (and a horrible track record with extinctions/biodiversity loss) and we've been able to avoid having certain diseases (eg rabies) due to quarantine rules.

Anyone who thinks entitled celebrity selfishness (because dogs!) is more important than native wildlife and ecosystems is an asshole imo

They should've done the right thing and brought them in following the rules. It's not hard.
hahahahaha idi kuci i pusi kurac brateeee
My First Croatian (if ddg is correct).
Pusi djoku buraz!
Lmao damn
lol, I dont know a word in Croatian but I felt that
I am going to learn so many ways to say “dick” in serbo-croatian bc of this man


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January 14 2022, 08:44:58 UTC 2 days ago Edited:  January 14 2022, 08:45:15 UTC

YESSSS i logged in at work just to comment! it's what he deserves! there's always visoko open novak
It's going in front of that same judge who was sympathetic to him, so he might get back in.
How many times can you appeal a decision? I thought once Hawke's decision was made, that was it. I still think that asshole will worm his way into the AO, win, be treated as a martyr still, and give a huge victory to all antivaxxers around the world. Fuck him!


1 day ago



The judge was right though. Border Control fucked up. If they'd waited until 830 to cancel his visa like they said they would, Novak would have been long gone. It's just unfortunate that everyone who has horrible interactions with ABP can't appeal to a judge.


1 day ago

yeah i realize now that i shouldn't jinx it and celebrate only when he's truly out of the country
just bringing this back
The replies to this are worrying, he truly became the martyr of the anti vaccines group

ban him for life please


January 14 2022, 08:52:12 UTC 2 days ago Edited:  January 14 2022, 08:57:56 UTC


Edit: For those wondering, he has a much less likely chance of winning his legal appeal this time. The power used by the Minister is very discretionary and there is less scope for error in process.
People have said that, but that judge was so 'what more could he have done' I still don't believe he's not leaning to Djokovic's side.
Yes, but the cancellation is under a different section of the Migration Act than the original decision, it's very much more 'what does the Minister personally think' rather than 'was all the process followed'.

This is a good explanation:


1 day ago

I think a lot of judges are sick of dealing with government immigration cases. Also they can be really finicky when they think their authority is being challenged so you get this push pull a lot when judges feel like anyone, government included, tries to step on their turf.


1 day ago


(you prob wont cuz of $$$ but pleeeeeeease)

and Craig Tiley needs to be held accountable. he needs to be ousted. he needs to resign. Tennis Australia gave the exemption to two more players who seem to have left voluntarily i assume to avoid this shitshow
the fed govt still looks bad cuz jesus christ how did they allow this many ppl in?
Yeah, Craig Tilley fucked up real good
Craig Tiley has done a great job with the AO for the last decade or so but he has fucked up BAD. Like this is the absolute worst possible outcome of all possible scenarios for him. I really want to know the details of how this all went down from TA's end. Also clearly Djokovic should have never been issued a visa in the first place. What a mess.
right? what were they thinking when they received those letters reiterating the vaxx requirements back in november?

and im honestly surprised he didnt decide to delay the aussie open draw until now. surely they thought there was a chance this decision could still come right? maybe didnt want it to look like one player was changing the integrity of the tournament? (which too late for that) this changes up the mens seeding/draw.


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The first thing you need to know about the Australian federal government is that they INCOMPETENT AF.

Actually. That’s the only thing you need to know.
The thing that amuses me most is that Djokovic fans were so on his arse because he shut the roof for the 2018 final (which they think was why Federer won) and claimed it was to help Federer.

Now Tiley has clearly bent over backwards to get Djokovic in to AO and Australia this year, they don't see the irony.

But yeah, I don't see him holding onto his job after this. Major fuck up.
is this the original? amazing 😂😂😂
It shames deeply that I know exactly what he's eating here.
are we gonna get a dramatic letter from his father again; i'd love a good laugh
Oh I hope so!
He's on Wikipedia to find another famous martyr right now.
Fuck yes, I was so invested if this fucker got past all the rules
this will forever be my favorite dumb meme
It's so simple yet so perfect for so many different situations!
My gf woke me up to tell me this and then I totally forgot it wasn’t a dream because there wasn’t a post about it yet. Then she mentioned it again and I was like… WHERE IS THE POST TO START MY DAMN DAY and here it is, ready for me to enjoy.
I wake up to serve.
I appreciate you


2 days ago

I dreamed that he was deported again lol. I guess that my brain is so stressed out, it needed some good news in my subconscious to rest in my sleep.
I like that they did this at the last possible moment on Friday so that the two orders that Novaxx's team would need are basically impossible to obtain before the start of the tournie.
Will he be placed in back in detention seeing as his visa is cancelled (again)?


January 14 2022, 09:15:37 UTC 2 days ago Edited:  January 14 2022, 09:30:34 UTC

I haven't read anything about that. I would hope so but he'll probably get special treatment and be allowed to stay where he is *until he gets deported


1 day ago

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