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Peacemaker premieres on HBO Max

-James Gunn's spin off of The Suicide Squad featuring John Cena as the buffoon Peacemaker has officially premiered on HBO Max

-The show is pure James Gunn

-James is currently working on another DC show for HBO Max (while WWs Patty Jenkins and Aquamans James Wann are paid dust with their hopes to expand the world of WW/Aquaman)

-Show has been certified fresh on RT with a 93%

Tags: dc comics, television - hbo

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This is one of those shows where like at least half the enjoyment comes from thinking about how fun the set must have been
What in the sock in the underwear
This got me to watch it, I love projects like that, thank you!


2 days ago

Didn’t he have a scandal? Am I trippin? Was it unfounded?
it was performative outrage.He played it quiet, the Guardians cast lended their vocal support. He was eventually brought back into the good graces and hired back by Disney, but not before securing the DC gig.
He was cancelled by Disney for half a minute. Then DC hired him, pretty much right away.


January 14 2022, 07:37:55 UTC 2 days ago Edited:  January 14 2022, 07:45:25 UTC

Wasn’t it because he tweeted something at @midnight?

It was this old panel show where the host would give jokey prompts (like ‘inappropriate places for a first date’ or ‘things you should never tell your boss’) to the audience where they could respond on Twitter during the commercial break and then the host would read some of the responses when the show came back on.

Considering this was around 2010 on Comedy Central people were going for the edgelord humor that was everywhere at the time.

As I heard it, couple of years after the show was off air some people found some of his old tweets at the show and without the context it looked super sketchy.

I know fuck all about James Gunn but me and my friends loved @midnight AMA
He had a bunch of old pedophilic "joke" tweets.
Yeah this is very guardians of the galaxy lol
Just started episode one.

They better have more bulge in this
Update: nice bulge and a good cock shot.
saving myself for hole


1 day ago


1 day ago

oh good, didn't want to bother if beefcake wasn't on the menu
who is James Gunn?
He did the Guardians of the Galaxy movies and the flop Suicide Squad that came out last year.
it would have been a hit if the first wasn't trash

He had a bunch of real disgusting jokes on Twitter so Disney fired his ass yet all his little gotg family was mad at the meanie mouse so they rallied. (Was around same time Crisp Rat cried to his friends about being Worst Chris)
Please note that when Scarlett Johansson sued Disney none of them wanted anything to do with her except for select few who only said something when pressed.


2 days ago


2 days ago


2 days ago


2 days ago


2 days ago


2 days ago

That was all very 80s heh
the show picked up by ep3 for me. i’m interested in seeing where this goes.

also john cena is scary muscular.
also i love the opening credits, it’s so fun. my bf hates it though lol
Best opening credits ever, I was crying laughing! They really went for it.
I was like wtf this is awkward but then Eagly appears doing jazz hands and that just killed me 🤣
rip bob fosse he would have loved the eagle
i'm enjoying this show so far, the opening credits are pretty fun

john cena's veins scare me
lmao we’re practically comment twins
I'll probably check this out later.
Do you need to have seen any dcu movies to see this?
I'd say no. Peacemaker is the only character from the films for the most part.
I'd say the last Suicide Squad definitely
The Suicide Squad (the recent one) is a good standalone DC movie. Its basically an R-Rated Guardians of the Galaxy
Not really, they tell you a recap of peacemaker's character during the suicide squad
would love ww shit to start from scratch from casting to the back end
I'm torn whether or not to watch this. I like JC but his plot/actions on Suicide Squad toward the end really pissed me off and made me not like the character.
He addresses that, and you get a sense of his background. Watch it! I really enjoyed it.
I loved it! Great opening sequence, made me laugh out loud. And that eagle is adorable 🥰
guys i love freddie stroma

i blame jamie tartt and now vigilante for making me attracted to unbelievably big dummies lol
also lmao i see so many snyder fanboiz so mad at this show.. the show isn’t desaturated and full of grunty dialogue enough i’m guessing
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