I’ll be your favorite worst mistake. (stewie_e) wrote in ohnotheydidnt,
I’ll be your favorite worst mistake.

Kete Share Warm Embrace While Getting Ice Cream at Rite Aid

The two were seen canoodling at Chris Iso's Halloween party Rite Aid while getting ice cream in Los Angeles. And they've been inseparable ever since.

Engagement announcement in 2022-23?

Sources: 1 | 2
Tags: candids, kardashian / jenner, pete davidson, pr, pr couple, true love / love is dead

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Her and Kanye are so exhausting trying to make eachother jealous. They truly belong together in hell.
I think spending time with either of them would classify as hell on earth so this tracks
the end of war of the roses, except it’s a box of beige fabric samples
Her ass is fucking gross.
It literally looks like she's smuggling the heaviest bowling balls she could find at the nearest bowling alley and decided "eh, fuck it. Good enough"
Right? Paris Hilton was right that it looks like a garbage bag filled with cottage cheese.
A coworker got a bbl about 6 years ago and her ass got ridiculous large. Far more than any kardashian. She got it lipo about 3 years ago but it left her bum and thighs sagging so bad that she got a lower body lift last year and now has little feeling one cheek and thigh and a burning feeling in her legs. She warns everyone about bbls and its sad some women put themselves thru this.
She looks like two different people front and behind 😬
what’s crazy is I’m pretty sure she’s already done some reduction on it
I gotta know, how does someone with an ass like that even fuck? Especially if it is fake.


1 day ago


1 day ago


1 day ago


1 day ago

idk how it's not embarrassing - unless what she actually wants is for it to look like something nobody in the world would naturally have
i just truly do not care about this couple. like even the ontd part of me that loves gossip doesn't care. same to kayne
Same. I'm way more interested in her countless surgeries than who she's with
i've been playing a lot of phone app games lately and I get so many sexist/degrading makeover ads between rounds and it's sad realizing how much of those apps are impacted by what the kardashians have voluntarily done to society.
because they're boring as fuck
Yep, just annoying attention whores all of them.
I keep thinking Kete is some Gossip Girl character lol
My old coworker used to make Kete (a turkish bread) all the time and this post just made me hungry lmao
The first thing that came to my mind when I read the word "Kete." I was like "Damn, kete does not deserve this kind of dragging." LMAO
Or some pink and stubbled character in The Bachelor Extended Universe.
I'm drafting a cease and desist order ✍️
This is just so obviously stagged lmao, even the way they're right in front of the window is v much
Is Kete gonna be the new Katie Holmes and… whoever the fuck that guy was?
Imagine popping into Rite Aid to buy tampons or some shit and you see this
I woul roll my eyes so hard while browsing the Kokie makeup section


January 14 2022, 04:09:48 UTC 2 days ago Edited:  January 14 2022, 04:10:03 UTC

I would see how I can sell cellphone pics to the paps.

If she can make $$$ for shameless, then I too shall profit #KKapitalism
It made me laugh because people forget that Kim is a Valley girl, she grew up going to the Riteaid for ice cream with her sisters. It's kind of full circle.
Good time to steal while staff is distracted.
Those look like the drunk leaning hugs my friends give each other while telling the other they the bestest. One arm kinda limp, the other just dangling. If one moves, the other will fall.
Lmao 🤣 I was sitting here trying to figure out who the fuck Kete
Is I’m like am I really that old did I miss some new popular celebrity?
Kete Davadishison
i was thinking kete davidashian
Pim was another I've seen thrown around.


2 days ago

I prefer You Kimpete Me* for the name of this scandal mess.

*Name not mine.
The level of vitriol I have for her and her entire family is not healthy, that said can she please go away FOREVER! She can take Pete too now that he’s tainted
I’m confused about the celebrity couple name Kete so okay lmao. 🥱
Her ass looks so terrible, she deserves that joke of a procedure.
I'm going to choose to focus on the positive, ice cream. I wonder what type.
Chocolate chip coffee.
she got cookies + cream topped with his chipped nail polish flakes

if it’s still thrifty’s ice cream i hope it was rainbow sherbet

I love rainbow sherbet, but apricot mango sherbet was the ultimate
rainbow sherbet was my go-to age 4-7 when I switched to black cherry to be more ~sophisticated lmao. so good
Had Kim ever been to a rite aid before?
Asking the important questions to be honest. She was probably amazed at the electronic door.
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