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Britney Spears: “Hope Your Book Does Well, Jamie Lynn”

Britney Spears says that she spoke with her younger sister about her upcoming memoir Things I Should Have Said who claims the book was not her idea.

“She never had to work for anything. Everything was always given to her !!!!”

She also writes: “I won't be doing Instagram for a while. The media, this business has always been extremely hateful to me. I've given enough … MORE than enough.”


what’s the truth?
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I’m kind of speechless. I hope it’s her fever talking because this writing style is kinda alarming to me.
God damn it. I don’t want to be first comment in this kind of post. 😬
Heavy is the head that wears the crown.

I thought at first her writing style in her posts in general were off but after some thought it kind of makes sense? I feel like in quaratine a lot of people lost their social skills and that was while using social media all the time. I can imagine that after a decade of primarily being told what to say / having inauthentic social interactions it takes some time to kind of acclimate back to expressing youself. That, and the woman probably has so much stored up emotion that everything she's writing about is charged with the feelings of all that time.
She writes like she had a LiveJournal in 2003 to me 🤷🏿‍♀️


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2 days ago

Can you explain, please. I know someone who writes exactly like this and eventually had to cut them off bc they were really toxic to be around.
Sounds like venting and its like shes writing in her diary
I actually had opposite reaction. Many of her post are vague, floaty and not really set in reality.

This one is her fairly straightforward reaction to events that happened over the past few days. She had fever, headache, caught up on her sister's promo tour, asked security to get her meds, got Sam to get her meds, feeling better...Her reactions to these events seem more of less appropriate and connected to what is real.

I guess, the only truly concerning thing to me is that she does not have anyone (ok, except Sam) to get her over the counter meds when she is sick. I hope he made her some chicken soup.
She writes like my mom who imho has undiagnosed adhd or something else similar that impacts her ability to focus. Especially when my mom is ill (which is often, she has chronic illness) she'll ramble like this, totally stream-of-consciousness into her phone. I think she's just not in tune with how people communicate on social media and maybe similarly unfocused, especially if she really is sick with a fever.
some of her more recent notes app posts remind me of her old website messages

I think she has adhd which would explain her writing style. I do think sometimes it's hard to understand her but I also don't think this is a sign of her "metal wellness" as some people are quick to assume.
i hope all books do well. <3 people simply don't read enough these days
That kind of thinking is what gave us 50 shades of grey.

Don't forget Woman in the Window, Ready Player One, Twilight, and everything by Orson Scott Cad


1 day ago

We need to instill a love of reading, iawtc
How is it that her security team can’t go and get her medicine? They are there to protect her. I imagine this falls under that.

I’m glad she called her sister out. The audacity of JL to try and act like she is innocent in the matter. No doubt she has trauma from the same household dynamic, but that doesn’t absolve her of her role in the abuse Britney has faced the last 13 years.
This reminds me of when Kim K was robbed in Paris. She had sent her security team with her sister to the club, because she was safe at home. And then, of course, the robbery happened and the security team was fired. They were replaced with a company that took security seriously and stayed with the client at all times.

Like, I understand she was feeling terribly. But she can ask her fiancé to pick her up meds or order Instacart. Sending her security away when she, of all people, is at risk of constantly being watched by crazy stalkers waiting for their opening is a terribly unsafe choice.
Yeah, I found that alarming and confusing. Shouldn't she have a reasonable team working for her that would do something like buy some over the counter meds?
I totally understand security not being able to leave; they're under contract to stay in one area and could be held liable if they leave and something happens to her. That's why she should have a PA or other team members available to her. Security isn't responsible for that kind of thing.
She looks like the witch from the Wizard of Oz

"He's still my father"

Hmm. Nah. Y'all been brainwashed to take whatever toxic crap they throw your way because they're related to you. Screw that. Blood alone don't mean shit
right? I've dumped a family member over far less than this.
girl is a dumbass. acknowledging her father is an abuser would prob mean she'd need to acknowledge that she also played a part in it. so of course she defends her father instead.
Middle parts are not her friend
With her Mrs. Potato lips. I literally can't with her.
She can't alienate her father now. Who else will fund her lifestyle? She might have to actually work if she offends him.
It’s weird to me she has knocked her parents treatment of her, bc from her social media presence over the past few years she’s been super close with both of them
Fun fact yall: this interview was filmed in Lou Taylor’s house. That should tell you all you need to know about this harpy.
shoulder pads were a mistake
...and your daddy ain't writing the checks anymore sweetie. If you had half a brain, you go where the money is, but she dumb.

Here's hoping Brit dumps and sues her entire fam
Not defending her here - but just as a broad statement this type of thinking is very prevalent in the south. your parents are your parents, no matter how much of a POS they are. "Honor thy father and mother" / "blood is thicker than water" whatever bullshit even if they're toxic or abusive.
she should probably take a covid test
My first thought. That sounds like covid
I immediately thought she probably caught it when she went to that restaurant!
it's like a checklist of covid symptoms!
How is she requesting medicine and no one will get it for her? I hope she has some sort of support system in place bc this post is a lot.
The book has leaked online, 240 pages, I did a quick control + f because I’m not reading that shit but it mentions Britney 192 times. That tells me all I need to know.
JL remains trash
Lol of course because that's all people wanna know about. I'm not sure if she's deluded enough to believe people actually care about her and what she thinks or has to say unless it involves Brit. Much like this interview
Not surprising. Her life isn't interesting enough without Britney.
Holy fuck that's a mention every page except for like 48 pages omgggggggg
On the 48 remaining pages "Britney" is substituted with Her/She/My sister/etc
oh man I'm so worried she might fall into like an anti-vax crowd DX
She and Sam are both vaccinated but she ought to get a covid test and why couldn’t Sam go get her Aleve? Idk that part was so weird.
Britney writes a lot of her posts like that. Like as a story, personal anecdote, dream, etc. which is a segue into what the main point is to explain her feelings.

My point being that you dont have to take them at face value bc theyre not the point of the post.
She clarified in a tweet that Sam got her medication.
Honestly most of her writing about her daily life doesn’t even seem like a it’s real. Like she just makes up situations happening in her head.


January 14 2022, 02:19:43 UTC 2 days ago Edited:  January 14 2022, 02:20:34 UTC

Didn’t scroll down far enough before responding lol
Britney is pro-vax!

This is from last year when the vaccines were being administered to the public, she did her part in telling people that it's safe and encouraged to get it by dispelling myths and lies being spread

I think taking a break from social media is a good idea for everyone, even if it's short breaks. I hope that she feels better soon, both with the fever and in general. The last few months must have been overwhelming with all the changes in her life.
ummm but where is ha man to help her get some medicine??????
Probably doing an acting gig -_-
lordE i do hope he doesn't start becoming more increasingly absent doing these "gigs" when she needs to be around people who support her the most...:///
She knew we were going to ask that lol


2 days ago


2 days ago

I hope Brit has cut them all off because they clearly aren't very remorseful at all or see what they did was wrong
Ma'am that sounds like covid. But also, fuck her sister.
Feel better, Brit! When I started reading this on twitter I thought this was going to be a long "I have covid" announcement.
Bim's twitter is so much better than the ig :/
they were partying and posting on IG about it, I was v disappointed
they need to get their merch store in order and issue refunds to their fans.
lmaooo don't do Banana like that!
lmfaoooo i'm laughing my ass off irl at this
She said JL performing to her songs was not her idea, not the book. Unless I misread idk.
That's how I understood it as well.
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