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Kanye and Julia Fox in LA last night

Tags: actor / actress, fashion, kanye west

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January 13 2022, 22:56:52 UTC 2 days ago Edited:  January 13 2022, 22:57:16 UTC

Kanye trying to make Julia Fox a thing™
So is Julia 🦊.


January 13 2022, 22:59:18 UTC 2 days ago Edited:  January 13 2022, 23:00:48 UTC

Low-rise pants are fine if u have someone to tailor them exactly to your hips but jfc my hips are so much wider than my legs and waist so mass market low-rise pants simply do not work for me bc they'll either fit perfectly in the legs and be unbuttonable on top or be 3 sizes too large in the legs/butt but fit my hips perfectly. Either way not a cute look, sorry!

Julia has the same kind of body (see: https://vidchorddotcom.files.wordpress.com/2020/07/julia-fox-summer-mesh.jpg) so the ONLY reason this is OK on her is because someone literally made those pants for her body
I was thinking the same thing lol like no way could i ever just buy those pants

I also wouldnt want to
Im the opposite being like a pencil with no hips but extreme hip-dip/violin-hip. These type pants would look horrible on me.
there was a tiktok talking about this girls past, how she was a dom and this very extreme artist and overall very polarizing and how it's kanye's thing to re-brand these type of women into this chic/classy girls or something. im super curious how their relationship progresses to see if that's true lol
I remember reading on her wiki that she was dom during HS.


January 13 2022, 23:25:21 UTC 2 days ago Edited:  January 13 2022, 23:26:11 UTC

In... high school????

We're talking about weird sex stuff and not some other usage of the word dom right


2 days ago


2 days ago

How Euphoria of her
i feel bad bc she just got out of another terrible relationship, we'll see if she can post through it this time
His thing is probably telling them that he's the reason they're being taken seriously lbr. It's a power trip. He's such an ass


2 days ago


2 days ago

1. Madonna stays doing waaay too much in various ways
2. Why are they all smooshed up on that couch and the only one who doesn't look uncomfortable is Madonna
This is the trash I live forrrrr!!

I remember wondering if Julia's bottom area was cosmetically done....yeah I think this proves it.
I think it’s because her leg is on the couch no?
Good point! but I think I still think she had stuff done.
Apparently she and her friend got BBLs in ‘17, and posted about it on insta. It’s now gone, of course.
its clearly a bbl

looks good tho
Those pants make my lack of ass & high crack uncomfortable.
how tf did he manage to make Julia Fox of all people look bad

super low rise pants don't work with a bbl look, imo. she's gorgeous and this does nothing for her at all


January 13 2022, 23:04:40 UTC 2 days ago Edited:  January 13 2022, 23:09:59 UTC

I wish we could ban Kanye posts. Remember how literally just a few months ago he was traipsing around with a man who has raped, traumatized and tortured multiple women?

Hasn’t that Antonio brown guy also assaulted (physically and sexually) multiple people?

Doesn’t Julia have a baby? Moms can go out and have fun, but is she even seeing that kid? Or is it chilling with its incestuous deadbeat father?

Just a truly disgusting collection of individuals all around.
I was wondering about her baby too. I assume Kanye's are with a nanny. Maybe they hired a nanny for her? I hope she didn't leave them with her husband if what she says is true.
There are quite a few people I wish were banned from posting about, for being horrific people.
that outfit is very jlo in "get right"

She wishes tbh
This video just proves what the other person said. Low rise doesn’t work on BBL butts. It enhances the fakeness. Jlo looked like a million bucks in comparison.
This! JLo and Britney have been the only celebrities I've seen pulling the low rise look with flying colors in the early 00s. They both looked amazing in them.
Are those chaps? Lmao this chaos
god i thought she was the most beautiful person ever in this video
4 clinical narcissists and one groupie
speak on it. it's disgusting how people criticize the way neurodivergents live their life.
Who is this woman
Like how did this come to be
D list actress who happened to allegedly accidentally meet Ye in Miami on NYE and have been papped together since.

They’re absolutely totally not trying to make Kim jealous.
She played Adam Sandler’s mistress in “Uncut Gems”. She actually really good in it. She hasn’t been in anything noteworthy since then.
Oooooo. Thank you!!!
u haven't heard of madonna?
How long until they're Ye and Yulia
julye? kanyulia?
LOL Kanyulia. this needs to be their name.
that reminds me of the scene from The Wedding Singer when Drew Barrymore's character, Julia, is practicing her name with fiance's last name so it would be Julia Gulia.
So many terrible ppl with kids.
Every time this woman showed up in Uncut Gems I thought it was a different actress/character and I was like wow Adam Sandler's character has so many mistresses. I could not recognize her face to save my life.

I'm still not entirely sure what she looks like even though her picture is everywhere right now.
The same!!! I didn’t make the connection that she was the girl who worked in the shop..?

I do think she was very hot in that movie, though, just tbh.
That's HER? I think she's legit a strong actress ans i was so impressed when I read she'd never really done it before.

It’s 2022 & crack is still whack.
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