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RECAP Alec Baldwin: Unscripted on Hulu with George Stephanopoulos


📺 I watched this on Hulu, so you wouldn't have to!

📚 Not for the tl;dr lol!

⏰ It’s only 45 mins if you want to check it out yourself

Miscellaneous Observations

▪️ I didn’t like the mood music, it was manipulative and unnecessary

▪️ I didn’t like the editing. This aired on ABC but then dropped on Hulu. They could’ve aired the full interview that lasted however long, instead of the edited version to fit a tv timeslot with commercial breaks. You can tell in several instances that AB is in mid-thought, still talking but it’s clipped and they cut to other comments he’s making. I’m not suggesting that AB comments were manipulated, only that there was probably more context in the unedited version.

Summary in no particular order

▪️ He cries or chokes up several times. Or his voice catches because he gets emotional. Jmo but his shock and grief seem genuine.

▪️ Says often that there are only two victims, Halyna and Joel, and that he doesn’t see himself a victim.

▪️ Says he did the interview because the criminal investigation, which he’s been fully cooperating, may take some unknown time to complete, and he wanted to address some misconceptions.

▪️ AB met Halyna only 10 days prior to filming. He knew Joel, having produced a previous movie Joel did. Joel hired Halyna; AB accepted Joel’s choice. They had dinner (AB, Joel, Halyna) just prior to start of filming.

▪️ The shoot was only scheduled for 4 weeks, he wasn’t aware of anyone cutting corners. This was a low budget $5M film.

▪️ Says he’d never heard the term armorer until the fallout of this incident. He had always referred to the role being the prop guy (or woman).

▪️ Says there are generally two types of producers. One type is who handles the financials and manages the day to day, and one type is who provides creative input and is involved in casting. AB says he was the latter, and he wasn’t involved in budget management or hiring decisions for crew members, including Halyna.

▪️ The guy who wrote the letter when he quit … AB says that guy approached him the day before the accident, but the only thing that guy mentioned to AB was better hotels closer to the set. There was no mention of anything regarding safety or the other items in the letter. AB said he was going to look into giving up more of his salary to support their hotel needs, and talked about getting an Airbnb house closer to the set for them to use. But that guy and the others didn’t show up the next day, and then the accident happened after lunch.

▪️ He’s been making movies for 40 years and he had always been taught not to manipulate the gun or weapon himself after it was handed to him, because the prop person had already checked everything and if he opened it and checked himself, then they’d take it back and start all over again. And that the prop people had always told him the actor in the scene shouldn’t be the last line of defense, that’s the role of the prop job.

▪️ Re/Clooney comments. AB says if others always check, then great for them, but that’s not what he was taught, and he always trusted the prop person.

▪️ AB says it’s a myth, when filming scenes for movies or tv, that no one ever points a gun at another person. Sometimes the camera angle allows weapons to be pointed off-center, or the other person isn’t even present-not in frame. But just as often, scenes have both (or many) people in camera shot with weapons pointed at each other. The key is that the weapons are checked and deemed safe.

Explains the event like this:

They were rehearsing a scene inside the church, but it was for marking.

▪️ If you can imagine this visually > He’s facing the camera. Halyna was turned sideways, looking at a monitor attached to the side of the camera. So one side of her body is facing AB, and the other side of her body is facing Joel, who was behind her and the camera setup and facing AB. Halyna is telling AB how to hold the gun, lower it, raise it, and then she told him to cock the hammer, so she’s giving him direction while looking through the monitor. He cocks the hammer, and moves his hand positions based on her direction so the camera angle gets it perfectly. When they finished that part, he released the hammer back to normal position, and the trigger went off.

▪️ AB says Asst Director Halls said COLD GUN. AB says he never had his finger on the trigger itself. Halls also says AB didn’t have his finger on the trigger.

▪️ Halyna went down, silent, stunned. AB wondered if she fainted. AB wondered if a dummy round came out, which can pack a punch. Joel was also down, and screaming. AB didn’t know why Joel was screaming. They were immediately told to get out of the church, so he didn’t see her after that.

▪️ At the sheriff’s station, AB talked to them the first time for about 90 mins. It was the officer who showed him that a live .45 caliber bullet was taken out of Joel’s shoulder. It was the officer who told him at the end of that interview that Halyna didn’t survive. Then AB went outside, was calling his wife to tell her what happened. That’s when the Santa Fe photo-journalist took those two photos of him 1-talking on phone crying, and 2-bent over at the edge of the parking lot, sick.

▪️ Talks about how sad it is that her son has lost his mother. Mentions his own kids, Ireland and the 6 younger ones, he can’t imagine them without their mother. Says he had to talk to his older 2 kids with Hilaria, because they’re school age.

▪️ Says he’s due to film another movie starting January. AB asked if they wanted to replace him, they said No.

▪️ Says films have always been his dream, he’s been lucky to work with -some greats- in the industry, making Rust reminded him why he loved making movies so much. Says he doesn’t make movies as much now because he doesn’t want to be away from his family for extended periods. AB says if his career is over, then so be it. He doesn’t anticipate ever making another movie again where he holds a gun.

▪️ For social media attacks, AB considers it no surprise from the usual suspects, and only mentions Tr/mp comment that AB purposely loaded the gun with live round and purposely shot and killed her, because of course Tr/mp is trash.

▪️ AB takes issue at the two civil suits. His main reason is because they filed suits before her husband could. AB explains the way movie insurance works, it’s a finite pool of money, and the money should go to her husband and child, not these other two people.

For those wondering if AB lawyer let him do this

▪️ He talks about the criminal investigation, that it’s ongoing, and that he’s talked to them a few times and still cooperating. Says it is only his speculation, not because of anything official, but he doesn’t anticipate facing criminal charges. Doesn’t say anything bad about anybody by name. Says he left the crew hiring to other people, that’s not the type of producer role he had. When questioned about armorer/prop person being inexperienced, AB says he didn’t know her background but assumed because someone hired her, that she met the criteria.

▪️ AB is asked whether he thinks it was sabotage. His real answer is only sort-of-No. He said that he would wonder what would someone’s motive be for doing that, and it horrifies him to think someone would really do that, so he doesn’t think it’s true. AB wants the investigation to find out how a live round got on the set, because if it wasn’t on the set, it wouldn’t have made it to the gun.

*Paraphrased, not quotes

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