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This Week's US Soaps Promos (November 29th - December 3rd, 2021)

This week on the US Daytime Soaps...

General Hospital

Bye Steve Burton. BYE! Good riddance. Glad he got such an anti-climactic ending too. Hope he never comes back. UGHH at Peter still being alive. I’m guessing and hoping that Maxie will be the one to kill him. So long as we don’t end up with some long drawn-out trial or cover-up of his murder. Kill the fucker and move on. End the storyline!

Loved seeing Chase step up and fill in as Brook Lynn’s baby daddy. The gratuitous shower scene of him was nice too. That all being said, it seems like this going to be the unravelling of this charade. They should have just clued Valentin in and had him continue to pretend. He definitely would have agreed to keep Bailey safe from Peter.

GH Spoilers for the Week

Days of Our Lives

Weekly Promo

Winter Promo

DOOL was great this week! The MarDevil reveal was such fun. Didn’t want the episodes to end!
“Don’t call me a bitch, bitch!”

Looking at the promos, glad to see development in Sarah’s disappearance is happening. And judging from the winter promo, I’m guessing the third kidnap victim is Philip. He needs a time out from how loony he’s been acting lately.

DOOL Spoilers for the Week

The Young and the Restless


The Bold and the Beautiful


B&B Spoilers for the Week

This Week in Soaps history...

November 28 – December 2, 2005

All My Children
Everyone was stunned when Greenlee revealed Kendall's secret. Greenlee told Ryan she was leaving town for good. Erica confronted Greg. Kendall wondered why Zach was being so nice to her. Ryan begged Greenlee not to give up on their relationship. Erica tried to comfort Kendall. Myrtle challenged Zach to tell Kendall how he felt about her.
Kendall begged Greenlee not to turn her back on her future. Greenlee left Pine Valley. Ryan and Kendall fought. Zach was angered by the way Kendall was treated. Kendall refused to allow herself to trust Zach. Jack and Erica clashed over Kendall and Greenlee. Ryan and Julia commiserated with each other. Kendall stuck to her guns. After talking to Zach, Myrtle took action. Jonathan accused Kendall of ruining Ryan and Greenlee's marriage. Kendall was attacked from behind
Adam, Babe and Krystal wound up in the hospital after Thanksgiving dinner. JR and Babe confronted Amanda who protested her innocence.

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As the World Turns
Jennifer struggled to fight her demons.
Katie and Mike out on a show for BJ's benefit.
Carly and Jack arrived in time to rescue Gwen and Will.
Meg's guilt became too much for her to bear and she mulled the idea of coming clean about the baby swap.
Holden confronted Lily about the time she was spending with Keith.

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The Bold and the Beautiful
Nick and Bridget had reason to be concerned, as the Doctor told them that there was an increased possibility of miscarriage, due to a weakened cervix. They were told that the baby Bridget was carrying was a little girl. Nick and Brooke said goodbye for good, upon Brooke learning that Nick and her daughter had reconciled.
Taylor issued a job offer which brought another member of the Forrester clan back home.
Felicia surprised an unsuspecting Nick with a visit on the Shady Marlin. Felicia learned that not only had Nick married, and not Brooke, but was married to her half-sister, Bridget and expecting a baby girl. Felicia agreed to stay at Stephanie's beach house if Stephanie promised to stay away. With son, Dominick, in tow, Felicia tells him that she is there for him.
Taylor claimed that Stephanie was still in love with Eric, even after all that had happened. Jackie walked out on Stephanie and Eric, for behaving like they were having a lover's quarrel.

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Days of Our Lives
The frantic search for Jack continued as Jennifer refused to believe that Jack was dead even though there were no signs of his body or near his car.
Lucas received the shock of his life when he met High Style's new CEO, none other than Carrie Brady. Sami was hoping that Lucas would win the High Style account to make Nicole look bad in Austin's eyes. Sami was horrified to learn that Austin's was still carrying a torch for Carrie.
Belle and Philip and families kept vigil as baby Claire struggled to get well. Belle's postpartum depression complicated her mental state about the real cause of Claire's illness. Kate learned the truth about Claire's parentage and that Shawn was actually her biological father. Belle was devastated when Marlena decided to live with Alex and honor her first marriage vows to him, her first husband. John was determined to win back Marlena.
After Philip confided to Kate that he didn't think he could go on if something happened to Claire or Belle, Kate decided to find a way to keep the truth from everyone so as not to ruin Philip's world. Mimi was on to Kate's approval of her relationship with Shawn.

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General Hospital
After a few tense moments, Jason wakes up with his memories of the past 10 years restored. Unfortunately, the prognosis is grim after test results that Jason is still suffering from the condition that took his memories. Surgery appears to be his only hope of survival but Jason refuses to consider it, fearing he will end up a vegetable for life. He and Sam decide to return to Hawaii to live out Jason's last days in idyllic splendor.
Sonny also flies to Hawaii to convince Jason to have the surgery by offering to end Jason's life if the worst should happen and Jason ends in a vegetative state.
Robin refuses to give up and finds a doctor who is capable of performing the life-saving surgery that Jason desperately needs to survive. She tracks down a hopelessly drunk Noah Drake in a bar.
Carly demands a divorce from Lorenzo after he refuses to help her leave Rose Lawn. Luke, seeing an opportunity to best Tracy and make some money, decides to visit Carly in an effort to talk her into turning over Lorenzo's shares of ELQ. Carly convinces Lorenzo, as part of her divorce settlement, to give her his shares of ELQ. She surprises Luke when she announces that she has no intention of handing the shares over to Luke.
Jax enlists Liz's help in reuniting Emily and Nik, unfortunately the tryst Liz arranges on their one-year wedding anniversary doesn't go as planned. Emily and Nik are more determined than ever to end their marriage. Unbeknownst to anyone, Jax arranges for Coleman to take some incriminating pictures of the couple which he plans to show Courtney in the hopes of her ending her relationship with Nik.
After being arrested for stalking and drugging the campus women, Diego manages to flee custody and take Georgie hostage. In the end though, Georgie convinces Diego to turn himself back into the police.

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Guiding Light
Reeling from her wedding disaster, Tammy found comfort with Jonathan and thought seriously about making a new start with him, but couldn't find the right time or way to explain all to tell her mom that she has real feelings for Jonathan.
Blake told Tammy that Jonathan was the first person to put a bid on the house that Sandy planned to buy her as a wedding gift. Tammy agreed to run away and be with Jonathan.
Ava dreamed about a future with Sandy, while he desperately tried to make amends to Tammy, Cassie, Josh, Reva, etc. and permanently dissolve his marriage.
Josh postponed learning the truth about Jeffrey's past when he learned that Cassie agreed to have Jeffrey move in with her.
Harley and Gus continued their ruse, but Harley was still thinking about her and Mallet, but told him that she wanted him to date Dinah.
Marina and Alan-Michael were caught up in an unusual relationship, while Lizzie was getting deeper into a financial obligation to a wealthy friend.
Olivia was shocked to receive divorce papers from Bill that sent her into a dangerous tailspin with Josh as the center of her needy world.

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One Life to Live
Tess and Nash ran into Niki, but Niki had no idea what incident created Tess. When Clint found Niki, she tried to scheme Clint, but he would not take the bait. Once locked up, Nash stood guard on Niki's room, but he refused to make a deal with her.
Ginger died on Spencer's operating table from her injuries. David and then Dorian tried to warn Blair about Spencer, but Ginger's message warning that "he isn't who you think he is" made Blair think twice about Spencer. Todd asked Blair to marry him so she would not have to testify. The independent exam showed Margaret died from strangulation, so Evangeline dropped Todd's case.
Bo admitted to Rex that he cared about him right before he was shot in the neck in front of Rex. Spencer operated on Bo and saved his life under the watchful and suspicious eye of Paige.
John let himself be taken hostage and then got Carlo to admit what he had done to Cristian while he recorded the confession. Rex warned Natalie that Haskell was working with Hesser and as a result of his blown cover, Haskell took Natalie to Carlo as a hostage. Carlo had one bullet in his gun and asked Natalie to choose whether John or Cristian would get it.

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Kay began to notice Fox focusing on his career more and more while Valerie wormed her way into his project (literally). Valerie planted numerous seeds of doubt in Fox's mind about Kay's ability to do her job and when he gave Kay an envelope stuffing job, she found an unlikely ally in Fancy.
Despite Sam's assurances to Jessica that he cared about her, he blew off their therapy appointment to be at Ethan's side.
This opened a crack for Spike to slip back into Jessica's life.
Aunt Irma was furious when Simone compared her struggle with homosexuality to that of the Civil Rights Movement.
Sheridan recommended that Father Lonigan perform last rites and when he arrived with additional family members, they went to the chapel to pray and remember.
This gave Theresa enough time to round up Noah, a wad of money and an ambulance to kidnap Ethan.
Ethan's condition remained unchanged and Gwen signed the documents to remove his life support. Gwen, Sheridan, Ivy and Sam said their good-byes to Ethan and Gwen flipped the switch only to have Ivy turn it back on because she wasn't ready.

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The Young and the Restless
Nick and Sharon spent their first Thanksgiving without their beloved Cassie. Nick declined Sharon's offer for him to accompany her on her promotional tour for Newman Enterprises. Nikki advised Nick that he and Sharon needed to talk to one another or seek help.
Daniel joined Noah's basketball team as Nick's assistant coach.
Phyllis discovered Kevin turning over discs to Jack.
John went to confront "Jennifer" about having "Terrible Tom's" bail revoked. John and Tom got into a tussle at "Jennifer's" place. Paul loaned John a gun as protection for John's family.
Devon realized that Yolanda was a much more learned woman than he had expected.
Lauren's mother, Joanna, surprised everyone by arriving for her daughter's wedding. "Jennifer" convinced Tom that if he went along with her plans, the two of them would soon be rich and living in Rio.

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