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6 Criminally Underrated K-Pop Girl Group Bops (THATS_MY_OPINION!!!.gif)

1. Dalshabet - Pink Rocket

- This enitre list could be populated by Dalshabet singles alone. Throughout their careers the girls found middling success with some modest hits here and there but nothing huge. This was their sophmore single and it flopped in a major way but it went platinum on my iPhone 3. This song is just fluffy bubblegum pop and I love that about it.

2. D-Unit - Talk to My Face

- This group was only active for one year but in that time they released some genuine fun pop songs (i.e. this and Luv Me). Now their concept was kind of cringy and this song was made with the help of Z*co but I can't make the music not bop. This music video has the most views of their singles but most of them are probably from Monsta X fans considering a predebut Shownu stars in the video. (Fun fact, one of the members is the sister of Boram from T-ARA. And it's exactly who you think it is when watching this video.)

3. GLAM - I Like That

- Glam, AKA the girl group BigHit dropped like a hot potato to debut BTS (the boys even served as backup dancers for the group on multiple occasions) . Yes, one of the members got into an extortion/ blackmail scandal with Lee Byunghun BUT they had so much potential! They could've easily kicked her out and continued wih the remaining members. Oh well. At least they left us with this.

4. Crayon Pop - Bing Bing

- Although Crayon Pop later popped off with Bar Bar Bar, the girls really showed out earlier with their superior single Bing Bing. It's just a fun time. It gets better everytime I listen to it. (Linking this live performance instead of the video because I like it more).

5. Brave Girls - Deepened

-Rollin is an amazing song and I'm glad it eventually got the attention it deserved but I am UPSET that this song wasn't retroactivley a hit as well. It's not too late girlies!

6. Anda - Mastering

- She's not a group but I love this song so it's here. I stumbled across is one day a few years ago and it's just so calming. Anda doesn't have the best voice but this sort of sound suits her perfectly.

  But now that we're all here honestly this woman's whole career is just odd. She released a few singles under a different stage name to no noise, gained some attention with her Touch music video, continued to drop flop singles, released a short (and beautiful) collaboration EP with the proucer Primary, radio silence for a long time, is signed to YG's The Black Label and releases some music, and is silent again. ALL OF THIS while posting her overseas vacations on instagram, having access to YG's backup dancers and practice facilities long before signing to them, and somehow getting major brand partnerships on no solid hit or revenue to speak of.
  And every single one of her performances gives off major over-confident popular girl in a high school talent show energy (her entire Taxi music show promo cycle being a shining example of that). I'm convinced she's some rich person's daughter, is a sugarbaby, or has some dirt on someone at YG because the math isn't mathing.

K-pop ONTD, what's your favorite underrated song from a girl group or female soloist?

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