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Promotion for the Christmas Movie ‘A Christmas Number One’ starring Iwan Rheon and Freida Pinto

Synopsis of ‘A Christmas Number One’:

A Christmas Number One is a mix of romance, boybands and thrash metal. Fresh from a breakup with the world's hottest pop star, music manager Meg Rai (Frieda Pinto) leaves New York for London to manage the boyband, Five Together, who are desperate for a Christmas hit after their last album flopped badly. Can Meg guide them to the right tune?

Meanwhile, British thrash metal singer Blake Cutter (Iwan Rheon) is persuaded by his Christmas-obsessive and terminally ill niece, Nina Cutter (Helena Zengel), to put his thrash metal band, Scurve, to one side so he can write Nina the ultimate Christmas song.

Guess what! In a totally non-predictable Christmas plot twist, Meg somehow discovers Blake Cutter's hit in the making, but can she persuade him to let this be the Christmas Number One her boyband so desperately needs or will Blake, the song, and Nina show Meg what truly matters in life?

A Christmas Number One, starring Iwan Rheon and Freida Pinto, will premiere December 10th on Sky Cinema.

Freida welcomed son Rumi Ray with her husband, photographer Cory Tran.

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