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Sigrid releases Christmas version of 'Home to You'

Recorded live from St Pancras train station

Sigrid says of the track:
"‘Home To You’ has always had a Christmas spirit since we wrote it. It’s about my hometown and the house I grew up in with my family. I always go back for Christmas, so it felt natural to make a Christmas version. I hope it’ll give some cozy vibes when it’s getting darker outside."

The changes from the original include more 'Christmas'-y background instruments and some lyrics changes.

Original lyrics vs changed lyrics
Old vs. new
Couldn't wait 'till I got outside
Wondering, what the world be like | Searching for those Christmas lights

Old vs new
But I see the world so different now
But there's a place by the sea and that's my town | But there's a place where the snow is all around

Old vs new
And I need a hand to hold | When I need a hand to hold
Someone to tell the truth | A hug to warm me through

Old vs new
But I know I'll be alright | And when I'm out there in the cold
With an open door, no matter what I do | Thеre's an open door, no matter what I do

The original song

source: 1, 2
Tags: holiday, music / musician

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