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ONTD Original: Recent-ish* Releases from Female Rappers that Went Double Platinum in my Car

*Recent-ish meaning past 2 years. This is a follow up post to my previous post about female rappers, so I will be highlighting other folks despite keeping Bree Runway & Flo Milli on repeat
[Cut you bitches awf]

Doechii - Girls

It's a cute little bop that'll put a smile on your face, just about vibing with the girls

Rico Nasty - Countin' Up

I choose the COLORS Show version vs the official MV because this is especially a serve (including the look). Rico calls her music "sugar trap" with elements of pop, punk, and trap and this song exemplifies that style. Like, just listen to this and feel like absolutely no one can fuck with you on any level. What what what what what?

Baby Tate ft. Flo Milli - I Am

This is an affirmation at this point like I legit listen to this to calm down on a bad day. Like yeah, I am protected, well-respected, I'm a queen, I'm a dream even while crying and sipping on this emotional support boba tea

Monaleo - Beating Down Yo Block

A recent addition to this list, yesterday as of press time but it goes off. Monaleo is an up and comer out of Houston, and blew up with this song on a little app called Tiktok this year. She's got the bars so I'm hoping to see a lot more of her in the future

Rubi Rose - He In His Feelings

Rubi Rose gained fame as a video girl and IG model, most prominently in the Bad and Boujee music video and in the hallway of the WAP video. What I like about her: her unique tone and husky vocals despite not having the best flow or bars. There's something about how she delivers "I told him to send my money right now, I'm counting to ten. 1...2...fuck it 10" like yeah send my money, you trick ass bitch.

Dreezy ft. Kash Doll - Chanel Slides

This is why I had to extend it the criteria to "recent-ish" despite this song being technically from 2018/9. It's a bop that I need everyone to be aware of,as not a SINGLE line is wasted here. From "He eat me, hibachi, now that's some sloppy toppy" to "you get popped, no Pennywise, money get stacked up silly high" to "I'm the Suge Avery of this honey and y'all hoes sho is ugly...", it's a masterpiece of the highest order.

Please share other faves and new discoveries in the comments!

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