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Lady Gaga and Kristen Stewart Stans' Smear Campaigns Are Invoking Racial Justice

Today in "I had to figure out how to summarize that into a title, because lord hammercy" news, Little Monsters and ... do KStew fans have a group name? Anyway, both sides have created smear campaigns against the other in the name of Social Justice.


For the Best Actress win for Gaga (House of Gucci) and Stewart (Spencer), of course!

  • LMs insist that the Italian “is a hero to many in the African-American community.” (OP note: *Jazz music stops*.)

  • Ernest Owens, author of this article, and writers from The Root, a black-online news publication, received a very odd email from someone, claiming "racists" don't want Gaga to win the Oscar, that "White supremacists" " don’t want one of the world’s greatest black and gay activists [Gaga] to win."

  • A Stewart fan then sent Owens a letter entitled "Your Letterboxd Reviews Are Shameful" with a picture of Gaga in suhc a deep tan, it could be taken as blackface - but he had not seen either movie - Someone had made a fake account in his name that has been removed.

  • Wants weirdo white online stans to stop using black entertainment writers as pawns in their little biopic fight.


Petition for either a "Kim there are people who are dying" or a "touch grass" tag bc whew.
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